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Wa Wa Nee

Wade, Adam

Wade, Norman

Wadsworth Mansion

Wadsworth, Wheeler

Waggoners, The

Wagner, Jack

Wagner, Little Jake

Wagners, The

Wagoner, Porter

Waikiki Guitar Group, The

Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra

Waikiki Hula Boys, The

Waikikis, The

Wailer, Bunny

Wailing Souls

Wainwright, Loudon III

Waite, Charles L., 3rd

Waite, John

Waiting, The

Waitley, Denis

Waits, Tom

Wakelin, Johnny

Wakely, Jimmy

Wakeman, Rick

Walcha, Helmut

Walden, Narada Michael

Waldman, Leibele

Waldo's Ragtime Orchestra

Waldo, Terry & the Gutbucket Syncopators

Waldorf Choir, The

Waldron, Cliff

Waldron, Mal

Wales, Josey

Walker Bros., The

Walker, Albertina

Walker, Billy

Walker, Charlie

Walker, Christopher

Walker, Clay

Walker, Doug

Walker, Gloria

Walker, Hezekiah

Walker, Jerry Jeff

Walker, Jesse

Walker, Jimmie

Walker, Jr. & the All Stars

Walker, Junior

Walker, Larry

Walker, Maynard

Walker, Sammy

Walker, T-Bone

Wall Brothers

Wall of Voodoo

Wall, James

Wall, Wendy

Wallace, Bennie

Wallace, Jerry

Wallace, John

Wallace, Ron

Wallace, Sippie

Wallaces, The (Bob & Betty)

Waller, Fats

Waller, Gordon

Waller, Robert James

Wallets, The

Wallflowers, The

Wallin, Fanny

Wallis, Shani

Wallochmore Ceilidh Band

Walls, Noel

Wally & Ginger

Walser, Don

Walsh, Joe

Walsh, Sheila

Walsh, Steve

Walt and Jan

Walt Disney Players

Walter & Scotty

Walter Heyer Chor

Walter Ostanek Band, The

Walter, Springer

Walters Family Band, The

Walters, Freeman

Walters, Jamie

Walton, Cedar

Walunas, Art

Wammack, Travis

Wanderley, Walter


Wang Chung


Wansel, Dexter


Ward, Anita

Ward, Billy

Ward, D.G.

Ward, Dale

Ward, Helen

Ward, Herb

Ward, Jacky

Ward, James

Ward, Jerry Glenn

Ward, Matthew

Ward, Norman

Ward, Olivia

Ward, Preston

Ward, Sharon

Ware, Leon

Warfield, Marsha

Wariner, Steve

Waring, Fred (and the Pennsylvanians)


Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra

Warner Brothers' Military Band

Warner, Jeff

Warner, Kai

Warnes, Jennifer

Warnke, Mike

Warnow, Mark


Warren Brothers

Warren County School District All-Country

Warren G

Warren, Harry

Warren, Rusty

Warrior Soul

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra

Warumpi Band

Warwick, Dee Dee

Warwick, Dionne

Was (Not Was)

Wash, Martha

Washington Hillbillies, The

Washington Jr., Grover

Washington, Baby

Washington, Dinah

Washington, Keith

Wasilewski, Eddy

Wasted Youth

Watanabe, Kazumi

Watanabe, Sadao


Watchmen Quartet of Clymer, Pennsylvania


Water Into Wine Band

Waterboys, The




Waters, Crystal

Waters, Ethel

Waters, Jan & his Polk-Alongs

Waters, Kim

Waters, Muddy

Waters, Ray

Waters, Roger

Watkins, Eugene (Dr.)

Watkins, Velmer

Watkoski, Ray

Watley, Jody

Watrous, Bill

Watson, B.B.

Watson, Bobby

Watson, Doc

Watson, Gene

Watson, George P.

Watson, Johnny Guitar

Watson, Tim

Watson, Wayne

Watters, Bob

Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, The

Watts, Andre

Watts, Charlie

Watts, Ernie

Wave Benders, The

Waverly, Josie

Wax Philosophy

Waxing Poetics

Waxman, Chris

Way 2 Real

Way, Darryl

Way, The

Waycross Express

Wayne, Bobby

Wayne, Bradley

Wayne, Jeff

Wayne, John

Wayne, Richard

Wayne, Thomas


Wayside, The


WC and the Maad Circle

We Five


Weapon of Choice

Weapons of Peace

Weary Hearts

Weather Girls, The

Weather Prophets, The

Weather Report

Weatherford Quartet

Weatherly, Jim

Weathers, Barbara

Weathersby, Shad

Weaver, Dennis

Weaver, Kay

Weaver, Patty

Weavers, The

Webb Wilder

Webb, Hal

Webb, Jimmy

Webber, Andrew Lloyd

Weber, Frank

Weber, Joan

Weber, Pam

Webster, Cecelia

Webster, Joe "Fingers"

Wedding Party

Wedding Present, The


Weems, Ted



Weiner Volksoper Orchestra

Weinrich, Carl

Weir, Bob

Weir, Frank

Weisberg, Tim

Weissberg, Eric

Welch, Amy Jayne (McCabe)

Welch, Bob

Welch, Dennis

Welch, Elisabeth

Welch, Kevin

Welch, Lenny

Welichansky, Israel

Welk, Lawrence

Weller, Freddy

Welles, Orson

Wellingtons, The

Wells, David

Wells, Junior

Wells, Keith

Wells, Kitty

Wells, Mary

Wells, Paul David

Wells, Rex

Wellstood, Dick

Welsh, J. Clifford

Welton, Danny

Wende, Horst

Wendroff, Michael

Wenz-Walker, Jen

Werner, David

Werner, Susan

Wernick, Pete

Werrenrath, Reinald

Wes Sanborn's Nashville Rhythm Section

Wesley, Fred

Wess, Frank

West End Singers and Orchestra

West End United Methodist Church Choir, Nashville

West Heart

West Los Angeles Children's Choir

West Virginia University

West, Bruce & Laing

West, Bryan

West, Dottie

West, Honey

West, Jim & Jenny

West, Leslie

West, Mae

West, Shelly

West, Tommy

Westbound Strings

Westchester Interdenominational Fellowship Choir

Westerberg, Paul

Western Flyer

Western Gentlemen of Reata Pass

Western Michigan Mass Workshop Choir

Westlake College Dance Band

Westland Steel Band

Westminster Cathedral Choir

Westminster Silver Strings

Weston, Carl

Weston, Paul

Weston, Randy

Westphalian Symphony Orchestra

Westside Connection

Wet Wet Wet

Wet Willie

Wetton Manzanera


Whalum, Kirk


What Gives

Wheaton, Karen

Wheeler, Audrey

Wheeler, Billy Edd

Wheeler, Cheryl

Wheeler, Clarence

Wheeler, Erika

Wheeler, Frederick

Wheeler, Kenny

Whelan, Bill

Whelan, Jim

When in Rome

Whetstone Run


Whipple, Randy

Whispers, The

Whispers, The


Whitcomb, Ian

White Animals

White Cockade - Scottish Country Dance Band

White Heart

White Heart

White Horse

White Lion

White Plains

White River

White Sisters, The

White Star Orchestra

White Town

White Wolf

White Zombie

White, Barry

White, Bryan

White, Buck (& the Down Home Folks)

White, Bud & Valerie

White, Joe

White, John

White, Josh

White, Karyn

White, Lari

White, Lavelle

White, Lenny

White, Lynn

White, Mack

White, Michael

White, Peter

White, Tony Joe



Whitehead Brothers

Whitehead, William

Whitehill, Bernie

Whiteman, George

Whiteman, Paul

Whites, The

Whitesides-Woo, Rob


Whitfield, David

Whitfield, J.G.

Whitfield, Norman

Whitfield, Thomas

Whitford/St. Holmes

Whiting, Margaret

Whitley, Chris

Whitley, Keith

Whitlock, Bobby

Whitlock, Ruth

Whitman, Slim

Whitman, Walt (& Soul Children of Chicago)

Whitmire, Stan

Whitney, Lorin

Whittaker, John

Whittaker, Roger

Whittemore, Arthur

Whittemore, Dan

Whitten, Clark

Whittern, Randy

Who, The


Whole Darn Family, The

Whoopee John Orchestra

Why Store, The

Whytecap, Sammi

Wickizer, Jay

Widespread Panic


Wiedlin, Jane

Wiener Burgerkapelle

Wiener Hofburg Orchester

Wiener Philharmoniker

Wiener Symphoniker

Wienervolksopern Orchestra

Wier, Rusty

Wiggins, Dwayne

Wiggins, John (& Audrey)

Wiggins, Ron

Wiggins, Roy

Wilbur, Paul

Wilburn Brothers

Wilburns, The

Wilcox, David

Wilcox, Harlow & the Oakies

Wild Cherry

Wild Colonials

Wild Flowers, The

Wild Horses

Wild Man Steve

Wild Orchid

Wild Rose

Wild Tchoupitoulas, The

Wild, Earl

Wild, Malcolm

Wilde, Danny

Wilde, Kim

Wildecker Herzbuben, Die

Wilder, Matthew

Wilder, Webb


Wildman Steve


Wildwood Express

Wiles, Roger

Wiley, Fletch

Wiley, Lee

Wilfahrt, Whoopee John

Wilke, Lori

Wilkerson, James "JD"

Wilkin, Marijohn

Wilkins, David

Wilkins, Steve

Wilkinson, Melanie

Wilkinsons, The


Will Bronson Singers

Will to Power


Willard, Kelly

Willcocks, Jonathan

Willeke, Bob

Williams and Ree

Williams Brothers, The

Williams Family, The

Williams, Allen

Williams, Alyson

Williams, Andre

Williams, Andy

Williams, B. Chase

Williams, Beau

Williams, Billy

Williams, Bruce

Williams, Buddy

Williams, Carol

Williams, Charley "Ivory"

Williams, Chickie

Williams, Christopher

Williams, Cootie

Williams, Danny

Williams, Daryl

Williams, Deniece

Williams, Dewey

Williams, Diana

Williams, Doc

Williams, Don

Williams, Doug

Williams, Eddie

Williams, Evan

Williams, Gabe

Williams, Griff

Williams, Hank

Williams, Hank Jr.

Williams, James

Williams, Jasper

Williams, Jerry

Williams, Joe

Williams, John

Williams, Johnny

Williams, Keith

Williams, Kelli

Williams, Larry

Williams, Lawton

Williams, Lee

Williams, Lenny

Williams, Lois

Williams, Lucinda

Williams, Marion

Williams, Mary Lou

Williams, Mason

Williams, Mason

Williams, Maurice

Williams, Michael P.

Williams, Otis

Williams, Paul

Williams, Pearl

Williams, Ralph Vaughan

Williams, Robbie

Williams, Robin

Williams, Robin & Linda

Williams, Roger

Williams, Tex

Williams, Tony

Williams, Vanessa

Williams, Victoria

Williams, Wendy O.

Williamsburg Singers, The

Williamson, Cris

Williamson, Dave

Williamson, Don

Williamson, Hardy

Williamson, Larry

Williamson, Sonny Boy

Willie And The Poor Boys

Willing, Foy

Willis Brothers

Willis, Bob

Willis, Bruce

Willis, Kelly

Willis, Vic

Wills and Laurence

Wills Family, The

Wills, Bob

Wills, David

Wills, Johnnie Lee

Wills, Mark

Wills, Nat M.

Wills, Tommy

Willson, Parker

Wilmer & the Dukes

Wilson Phillips

Wilson, Al

Wilson, Andy

Wilson, Brian

Wilson, Dennis William

Wilson, Don

Wilson, Flip

Wilson, Frank

Wilson, Genny

Wilson, Hank

Wilson, J. Frank & the Cavaliers

Wilson, Jackie

Wilson, Joemy

Wilson, Justin

Wilson, Kim

Wilson, Larry Jon

Wilson, Lesette

Wilson, Marie

Wilson, Meri

Wilson, Nancy

Wilson, Norris

Wilson, Norro

Wilson, Pamela

Wilson, Parker

Wilson, Ransom

Wilson, Reuben

Wilson, Shanice

Wilson, Slim "88"

Wilson, Spanky

Wilson, Teddy

Wilson, Tim

Wilsons, The

Wily Milo

Winans, Bebe

Winans, Cece

Winans, Daniel

Winans, The

Winans, Vickie

Winbush, Angela

Winchester, Jesse

Wind Machine


Windham Chamber Singers

Winding, Kai


Windle, John & Diane

Winebarger, Don

Wing and a Prayer Fife and Drum Corps

Winged Victory Singers


Wingfield, Pete


Winners, The

Winnipeg Symphony

Winston Singers

Winston, George

Winstons, The

Winter Hours

Winter, Johnny

Winter, Otto

Winter, Paul

Winterhalter, Hugo


Wintermute, Jessica

Winters Brothers Band, The

Winters, June

Winters, Kathleen

Winterthur String Sextet

Winterthur Symphony Orchestra

Winwood, Steve

Wion, Leroy

Wipers, The


Wire Train


Wirtz, Reverend Billy C.

Wise, Chubby

Wise, Don

Wise, Joe

Wiseguys, The

Wiseman, Mac

Wishbone Ash

Wisniewski, Gene

Wisor Brothers

Witherow, Al "Porky"

Withers, Bill

Witherspoon, Jimmy

Witkowski, Bernie


Witt, Hershel

Wittnauer Choraliers, The

Wladziu, Maly

Wladziu, Maly

Wojnasowski, Frank

Wolcheck, Steve

Wolf Berger Party Band

Wolf, Kate

Wolf, Peter

Wolfe Tones, The

Wolfe, Marietta

Wolfe, Richard

Wolfe, Robert

Wolfe, Woody

Wolfer, Bill


Wolowic, Stan

Wolverton Brothers, The

Womach, Merrill

Womack, Bobby

Womack, Drew

Womack, Lee Ann

Won Mi Yeon

Wonder Stuff, The

Wonder Who? (4 Seasons)

Wonder, Stevie

Wonderling, John & Lois


Wood Brothers

Wood, Bill

Wood, Brenton

Wood, Del

Wood, Douglas

Wood, Lauren

Wood, Lesley

Wood, Mark

Wood, Ron

Wood, Roy

Wood, Simeon

Woodbury, Dwayne A.

Woodbury, Woody


Woodhull's Old Tyme Masters

Woodland Valley Singer, The

Woodruff, Bob

Woods, Maceo

Woods, Mitch

Woods, Phil

Woods, Steve

Woods, Sylvia

Woods, The

Woodward, Chris

Woody the Woodchuck


Wooley, Sheb

Wooten, Daniel

Wopat, Tom


World Class Wreckin Cru

World Famous Beat Junkies

World of Strings Orchestra

World Party

World Saxophone Quartet

World Vision Korean Orphan Choir


Worral, Rick

Worth, Marion

Worth, Stan

Wosloski, Stanley



Wrathchild America

Wray, Bill

Wray, Link

Wrays, The

Wrecking Crew


Wright Brothers, The

Wright Sr., Bill

Wright, Abdel

Wright, Betty

Wright, Bobby

Wright, Chely

Wright, Curtis

Wright, Danny

Wright, Gary

Wright, George

Wright, Herman

Wright, Jaguar

Wright, Johnny

Wright, Michelle

Wright, O.V.

Wright, Richard (Rock)

Wright, Stan

Wright, Steven

Wright, Timothy

Wu-Tang Clan

Wuhrer Chamber Orchestra

Wunderlich, Fritz

Wunderlich, Klaus

Wurlitzer Band Organ

Wurman, Hans

Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra


Wygals, The

Wylie, Richard Popcorn

Wyman, Bill

Wyman, Karen

Wyncote Orchestra, The

Wynette, Tammy

Wynn, Roberta

Wynn, Willie & The Tennesseans

Wynne, Philippe

Wynonna (Judd)

Wynters, Gail

Wyrtzen, Christine

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