An 8 Track Shack as Modern Art

9twA customer recently sent us a link to A Shaded View of Fashion blog that had the photo at the left of an actual 8 track shack.  Apparently the little house made of 8 track tapes by artist, Satch Hoyt, and is on display at the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, Texas.

Sadly, this will end a lot of long awkward conversations with our pickers, customers and acquaintances.  I have personally been asked, about a hundred times, “Why don’t you build a real 8 Track Shack out of 8 tracks?”  Some of the other folks here at 8 Track Shack say they’ve also been asked the same thing, repeatedly.

Our usual reply is, “What would we do with it?”  But we’ve also replied with estimations of the time it would take to make one as well as the total finished weight and square footage that the shack would require….just to sit there.  All excuses were always bound to be met with persuasion, encouragement and often verbal building instructions, as if the person suggestion it wanted us to toil away at the building for their sheer amusement.

Now we have the perfect answer…It’s already been done.   So, to the artist….thank you.