How’s Your Collection Compare to 8-Track Collection by Jim Golden

8 Track Tapes Arranged NeatlyWe’ve seen a lot of music collections over the years, ranging from a couple dozen album titles arranged neatly on a shelf to 40,000 of them….everywhere. Not that having 8 track tapes on your kitchen table, in your fridge, bathroom sink, etc. is a bad thing – God knows at 8 Track Shack we’ve got music everywhere and it isn’t always neat and orderly. If you love 8 tracks and want to spruce up your walls (providing you have wall space that isn’t filled with music), photographer Jim Golden is selling prints of his work “8-Track Collection,” pictured at the left. Neat and orderly, 322 of them, I think. You can get a 16X20″ print for $150 or a 20×24″ for $195. Limited to an edition of 200 prints, signed by the artist. You can check out this print at Jim Golden’s website.

The Photographer also has a Cassette Tape Collection work that has neatly arranged rows of blank audio cassettes.