Zombie Smashes 8 Track Player & Breaks Stevie Nicks

8 Track PlayerIf you still listen to 8 track tapes and watch American Horror Story Coven, you might have noticed that the last episode featured a portable 8 track tape player and it was playing Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks from her Bella Donna album. Seeing an 8 track tape player in use in contemporary shows is always neat.  The fate of the player was not so neat, however.

While the Stevie Nicks song was playing, a zombie teenager made up of body parts of other people, which was raised from the dead by the cute hippie witch, throws a tantrum after remembering sexual abuse, which had been happening right up to the point where he died and his parts were put back together by the hippie witch and brought back to life…anyway, in the fit he’s throwing, he picks up the 8 track player and smashes it, then the hippie witch kicks him out of her hut because “He broke Stevie.”

The hippie witch in the show apparently has a hobby of bringing people back to life…perhaps she will revive her 8 track player in the next episode.

Update (or whatever): Our in-house American Horror Story aficionado, and uber fan of the blonde haired “zombie” has just informed me that he is NOT! a zombie!!! The zombies were the dead people that the other bad witch brought back from the graves and they attacked the neighbor and tried to attack the good witches.  ….and that “Kyle” is now a real live boy because the cute hippie witch put him back together and made him alive again. I sincerely apologize if I confused anyone.