The Great 8 Track Disco Drought of Winter 2015

8 Track TapesIf you follow 8 Track Shack on Facebook, you might have noticed our post about our mission to find 170 disco genre 8 track tapes for a customer. They are going to be used as place-setting party favors at a disco themed party, and the customer wanted them in original non-refurbished condition – including all the original scuff marks from decades of use. Since we at 8 Track Shack clean our tapes before adding them to our inventory, we had to search through the piles of boxes of assorted random tapes to find only the disco tapes. As we went, we cleaned the non-disco tapes to get them ready to add to 8 Track Shack inventory.

We posed a question on our Facebook page, asking followers how many tapes they thought we would have to go through before we found all 170 disco themed tapes. …and after days of sorting and cleaning, we’ve found all 170. We had to sort through 3,725 tapes to find them all. The closest guess was made by Scott Irvine, who’s guess was 3649, which was very close. As the winner of the contest, Scott gets two free albums of any format priced at $17.99 or less. (Scott, just go through checkout on the site and click the “mailed payment” button during checkout and we’ll send out your prize in a couple of days).

The picture above shows around 3000 of the 3,725 tapes we went through. We had to stop piling them on the table because it was nearing the point of collapse.

Thanks to everyone who too the time to read the post and make a guess. For those customers who regularly check our newly listed page, you probably won’t find many disco tapes in the mix for a few months.