Happy National 8 Track Tape Day 2015!

xh8 Track Shack would like to wish everyone a happy National 8 Track Tape Day! That’s right, if you weren’t aware, April 11th is National 8 Track Tape Day…where we all celebrate the fabulous 8 track tape cartridge in our own way. To mark the occasion, 8 Track Shack is having a sale on all 8 tracks. For today only, we have taken 55% off all 8 track tapes, sealed cartridges, blank 8-tracks, head cleaners and all quadraphonic 8 tracks too. Each tape purchased during the sale will still be professionally refurbished prior to shipment and guaranteed to play for life. Just like National 8 Track Tape Day, this sale only lasts today, so now’s your chance to get some of those tapes on your wishlist at incredibly discounted prices. We’d like to thank our regular customers for their continued patronization of our business and for helping keep the 8 track format alive. Happy 8 track day!