No Postage Increase for 2016 at 8 Track Shack

8 Track Shack Speedy DeliveryToday is the day that the newest round of USPS postage rate increases goes into effect. On January 17th, 2016, the USPS raised rates, basically across the board, on most mail classes and weights. This increase amounts to about 10-25% (or more) in additional costs. 8 Track Shack once again will NOT be raising our shipping costs. That’s right, despite cost of actual postage being higher than the shipping we charge on almost all items (before considering overhead such as wages and packing materials) we are still keeping our original shipping costs.

Domestically all albums still will ship for $2.50 per album and four or more albums ship for only $10, even if you buy a dozen albums or more. If you are an avid online shopper you may want to make sure you check shipping rates prior to purchases. The postage increase on some rates and weights between some zones (of the country) has gone up significantly. If, say, you are in New England and have something shipping from the northeast, you won’t probably notice too much, but some rates on items shipped from the west coast have gone up to the point where you may be paying more for shipping than you are for the products you buy.

You can visit the USPS’s website to see the new rates.