8 Track Shack Updates Site Search Functionality

8 Track Shack SearchHere at 8 Track Shack we’re happy to announce that we’ve updated the functionality of the search on our site. Though there are numerous benefits to the changes we’ve made, the two most obvious are that the search now correctly filters punctuation and results are now better targeted when a media format term is used in the search in addition to artist’s name or album title.

If you’ve ever searched for AC/DC or another term with some type of punctuation, you probably were greeted with a page that said that no results were found. Since the improvement, now a search for AC/DC provides the correct results as shown here. So now searches on 8 Track Shack for music with punctuation in the artist’s name or album title should return the proper results and show the current inventory of items that are relevant to the search term.

Another enhancement we made is that if you add 8 track tape when searching for an album, it will return only the results that are 8 track tapes. A search for AC/DC 8 Track Tape will show only the 8 tracks by AC/DC (like this), and a search for AC/DC Cassette Tape will only show audio cassettes (like this).

Along with these two main changes, we’ve also speeded up the site search a bit and made a few other tweaks that should make searching on 8 Track Shack quicker and more accurate. We are constantly upgrading our system and will make further enhancement announcements as we progress.