8 Track Shack Halloween Sale 2016


Happy Halloween! Once again 8 Track Shack is having our annual Halloween Sale! All our 8 track tapes are 50% off with discounts on other formats as well. The 50% discount is IN ADDITION to whatever customer loyalty discount you may receive. The sale is today only, so tell your friends, message them on Facebook, drive over to their house, etc. Just let them know, because there are always disappointed people on November 1st who forgot about this sale and could have saved up to 80% off.

During the sale all tapes are still covered by the 8 Track Shack guarantee and all tapes receive complimentary cleaning as well as pre-shipment refurbishing with new pads and splices. Please allow an extra day or two for orders to arrive after this sale. We’re working on pulling tapes from the warehouse and refurbishing them as orders come in, but by the end of the day the orders will get ahead of us. The sale ends at midnight!

As part of the sale, 8 Track Shack is offering a lot of 200+ of our factory produced foam pads in an eBay auction that starts at only a penny with no reserve. If multiple bids are received before the end of the business day, we’ll add another lot, possibly more, depending on interest. Normally our pads sell for 35 cents each (unless you buy them on eBay, where we charge 50 cents a piece). This auction can be found HERE and is only a 1 day listing.