200+ 8 Track Shack Brand Foam Pressure Pads – 1 Day Auction

ywSome 8 Track Shack customers may have noticed some glitchiness on our website during the past couple of weeks. We have been performing site updates and security upgrades to www.8-Track-Shack.com. The updates were unannounced, as we had not planned on any sort of issues, but everything seems to be functioning properly now. So if you were one of our customers who received free shipping, we’re sorry, it’s working correctly now.

We just received another shipment from our latest factory run of foam pressure pads and we’re going to start unloading some more of the factory seconds from the last run. 8 Track Shack is auctioning off a lot of 200+ pads on eBay today in a ONE DAY only auction. The photo above shows the actual lot up for auction. All are brand new and the same pads we use to refurbish all 8 tracks sold by 8 Track Shack….they just don’t have the full 10 pads per card, which is how we normally sell them. So if you’ve got a bunch of tapes that need refurbished, here’s your chance to save a bunch of money.

If you are not the lucky winner of this auction, our pads are always available here in packs of ten pads per card.

With our site updates complete, we’ll begin adding more 8 tracks and other vintage music to our online inventory. Thanks for your patience.