The Life of an 8 Track Shack Product

Life of an 8 Track Shack Tape

For more than a decade, those looking to buy 8 track tapes have had a much larger choice of titles due to 8 Track Shack’s ever expanding online inventory of tapes. Before 8 Track Shack, anyone wanting 8 tracks had very few places to find them. 8-tracks had long disappeared from even the most obscure retail locations’ bargain bins and the online landscape was pretty bleak – there was eBay with only a few thousand tapes at any time and a few sad text only html and Angelfire-type free personal websites where enthusiasts mostly offered duplicate tapes for sale, along with their own personal want lists.

Today, thanks in large part to 8 Track Shack’s existence, there are 35,000 tapes on eBay alone (about 15,000 of those listings are from 8 Track Shack), and 15,000 on Amazon (10,000+ of those listings are from 8 Track Shack), and thousands more on sites like etsy, Bonanza etc. 8 Track Shack’s own inventory is approaching 100,000 tapes.

At one point, 8 Track Shack actually owned the top three sites in total 8 track tape inventory, with eBay being in distant fourth place. We’ve since rolled the inventory of one of those sites into the 8 Track Shack and other online venues.

Occasionally we hear from shoppers or see comments online that say $12.99 is too much for a “common” 8 track tape. Most of our regular customers know what goes into selling an 8 track tape online, for those who don’t our graphic designer made the info graphic at the top of this page. While it’s interesting to see all the steps involved in the process, there are a few more steps that were accidentally omitted.

When I saw the graphic, I immediately said that the first step was left out….Finding the tapes. Whether we source them online via lots on eBay, Craigslist, or via emails and phone calls, just finding bulk collections of 8 tracks is certainly time consuming, and the finding, negotiating prices, traveling, etc. that happens before the actual purchase can wrap up a lot of time and energy.

Another step that was left out is the customer service aspect, which is another step in the process that eats a lot of time. Whether answering emails, Facebook messages or speaking with customers and potential customers, customer service adds another step in the long process of actually selling an 8 track tape.

Over the past decade we’ve sold 8 track tapes in (if I can recall correctly) ten different venues online and offline, with prices for “common” tapes ranging from $2.00 to $20.00. Our base price of $12.99 (which includes new pads, sensing foil, cleaning and a lifetime guarantee) isn’t just a random number.

That said, we’d like to remind our customers of 8 Track Shack’s Customer Loyalty Discount, which is an ongoing discount that just keeps getting better the more a customer buys. If you are unaware of this discount, it might be worth it to check into it [view customer loyalty discounts].

In addition to the customer loyalty discounts, 8 Track Shack has frequent sales on tapes. To be notified of such sales, you can follow 8 Track Shack on Facebook or check our Specials Page occasionally. At least three times per year 8 Track Shack also has 50% (or more) off sales where customers can save half, before even applying their customer loyalty discount. These three sales happen on 8 Track Tape Day, Halloween….and a third at a surprise date around New Year’s Day, give or take.

Over the years we’ve seen hundreds of new sellers of 8 tracks online come and go. One such seller who recently “closed up shop” actually got the idea of selling 8 track tapes a few years ago after visiting The seller called us and asked about our business. He was up front about why he was asking the questions. Rather than being vague about our business and sales numbers to prevent a competitor startup, I was blunt with him and described basically the whole process involved with selling 8 tracks. In addition I share the costs of purchasing and maintaining a 10,000 square foot warehouse to store our inventory and the costs of building and maintaining an ecommerce site in an online world that changes on a daily basis. When I heard he was throwing in the towel I was not surprised, but I was impressed that he gave it a good run for a few years.

So the next time you hear someone online saying that 8 tracks are too common to pay more than 75 cents for, keep in mind the process shown above. And for anyone who thinks that our employees time to complete that process isn’t worth anything, I’m sure they and their families would probably disagree….in fact, I know they would, I’ve asked, and they aren’t too keen on working for free.

Anyway, thanks for reading and shopping at 8 Track Shack….oh, and this will serve as the only announcement of our next sale until a day or two at most before our next sale, which will happen around the time mentioned previously in this post.