2018 8 Track Tape Day Sale Info

8 Track Tape Day Sale 

8 Track Shack 8 Track Tape Day

Thank you for shopping with us here at 8 Track Shack and for taking the time to read the details of our 8 Track Tape Day sale.

• The sale will only be active from 12:00 am EST through 11:59 pm EST on 4/11/18

• No discounts will be applied to orders placed before or after the sale period. Only orders placed directly through the website will receive a discount. We do not accept telephone or email orders.

• 8 Track Tapes will be serviced prior to shipment as always (unless you request the tapes shipped as-is with no warranty). PLEASE be patient with shipping. We sell a ton of tapes during our sale so there will be a queue for servicing. Please do not email and ask where your particular order is in that queue.

• If you purchase a sealed tape you MUST email or add a comment to your order requesting the tapes be serviced prior to shipping. We will not open a tape unless we are told to. If you chose to receive the tape sealed as-is there is no warranty on that tape.

• You may still add a digital transfer to your order. There WILL be a queue, perhaps longer than normal wait times for shipping transfers. Please do not email and ask where your particular order is in that queue.

• Not everything is on sale. Since it is 8 Track Tape Day 95% of our 8 Track Tapes and accessories are on sale. We’ve also marked down some records, cassettes, movies and more. The items available during the sale are predetermined and will not change throughout the day.

• We will be having some fun games on our facebook page throughout the day. https://www.facebook.com/8trackshack/  We can only ship winning prizes to US addresses. Sorry to all of our international fans.