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Updated 2/3/2015: The current 8 Track Shack Institutional Audio Cassette Catalog released February 1st, 2015.


We only ship inmates cassette tapes that are factory produced …period! There are companies that pop up occasionally (before ultimately losing their vendor status at institutions) that offer “Free” tapes sent along with other purchases. We DO NOT DO THIS! Most facilities do NOT permit this and technically such distribution is illegal. This means that virtually no music released after 2003 is available legally. Please feel free to try the services that do offer this service, which can be found quite easily via a simple Google search, but keep in mind that they have no association with 8 Track Shack.

a-tape-playerThe audio cassette tape catalog is available for delivery to inmates and patients in the US and around the world. 8-Track-Shack has been selling cassette tapes to inmates since 2005.  We’ve offered the catalog as a way to streamline the prison-based orders we receive and also provide a better selection to inmates and make the ordering process easier for them.

8 Track Shack offers inmates one free catalog. Those who purchase tapes will continue to receive future catalogs at no charge. If an inmate who receives a catalog does not place an order, they will not receive further catalogs and will be removed from our mailing list. Our current catalog is 60 pages long and quite costly to print and mail. If your friend/family member received a catalog in the past and did not order, but would like an updated catalog, you may order him/her a catalog from our online store (a shipping fee of $5.00 will apply).

To request a catalog for yourself or a friend or family member, please contact us via our online contact form, simply request a cassette catalog and include the address to which you’d like the catalog mailed – including inmate # [check to ensure correct spelling of name, address and correct DIN #]. Please do NOT call simply to give us an address, just us the contact form for catalog requests. Specific questions can be addressed to our customer service reps via telephone, but all reps will refer you to the contact form to request catalogs.  You can also download the entire Prison Cassette Tape Master Catalog.

8-Track-Shack Cassettes to Institutions Are ALL:

1. Shipped directly to inmates’ institutions – unless otherwise requested.

2. Checked for metal screws & any metal screws are removed.

3. Felt pressure pad is check and replaced if necessary.

4. Sealed or Resealed in clear plastic wrap.

5. Shipped in new clear plastic case.

6. Shipped from the 8-Track-Shack warehouse with detailed packing slip on letterhead in plain padded envelope or box bearing 8-Track-Shack return address with packing slip marked “Paid.”

7. Guaranteed for life for replacement or repair if damaged.

Shipment Policies to Prisons, Jails, Correctional Facilities & Institutions:

If you have a family member, friend, loved one or client who is currently incarcerated, you already know that rules and restrictions concerning music vary greatly from one prison to another, even within the same state.  Below are the’s policies concerning shipments to institutions as of March 1, 2011 – policies are subject to change (any future changes will be noted on this page).

Ship-To Locations:

8-Track-Shack will ship to any prison, jail, correctional facility, correctional institution including local, state, and federal penitentiaries where permitted.

Shipping Price:

Standard 8-Track-Shack shipping rates apply. $2.50 per tape for the first four tapes and any number over four is a maximum of $10 shipping.

Availability / Stock:

All titles listed in the catalog are in stock – at time of printing.  New catalogs printed as change in inventory levels warrant.  Please provide some alternate selections in the space provided on the order form in case of unavailability of your first selections, or as alternates if needed based on the rules & restrictions of your institution.

Returns & Refunds:

We do not offer refunds for any reason.  Each tape is guaranteed for life for replacement or repair – if there is an issue with any tape purchased from 8-Track-Shack, just let us know and it will be fixed or replaced ASAP.  It is up to the CUSTOMER to inform 8-Track-Shack of any and all rules, regulations, restrictions etc. that their particular institution may have.  Any tape shipped to a prison that adheres to the regulations noted by customer that is returned will be assessed a $5 per tape fee for reshipment with any changes to order that customer needs to adhere to their institutions rules.  ie. Know what your particular prison requires before ordering and let us know.

There is absolutely no way for 8-Track-Shack to know the rules for each prison or to keep up with rule changes that may occur at every facility.  And rules do change…  So please make sure you list any requirements EACH TIME an order is placed, even if you’ve ordered from us before.

Clear Tapes:

Some facilities require audio cassettes to be clear plastic or see-through and do not allow opaque or non-see-through tapes for inmates.  If this is the case in your prison, you need to let us know.  Clear tapes did not become common until the 1990’s.  Therefore that means there were 25 years of cassettes produced that are not clear.  Some titles have multiple color variations; a particular title might have been made in black, white, cream and clear.  It is impossible to tell which tape will be in stock in which colorway, and some prisons’ rules do not prohibit colored tapes. In the case that the prison does require clear tapes, we will attempt to locate a clear tape, if clear tapes were not available for a title, we will ask you to make another choice or will ship an alternate choice.

PLEASE NOTE: New York state facilities do NOT require clear tapes per directives from Albany. Also New York does NOT allow any type of transfers regardless of copyright situation – only factory produced tapes.


8 Track Shack guarantees all cassette tapes for life, including those sold to inmates and patients at institutions throughout the country. If your loved one has any issue with a tape they received from 8 Track Shack, please contact us about the issue. DO NOT RETURN THE TAPE – DO NOT HAVE INMATE RETURN THE TAPE. Under certain circumstances, 8 Track Shack may ask an inmate to return a defective tape, but they should never return a tape unless at 8 Track Shack’s request. (This just costs the inmate postage and tapes do not need to be returned to take advantage of the 8 Track Shack guarantee). More info on what to do if you or an inmate has problems with a cassette tape can be found here.

Changes to the terms listed on this page and prison policies, both those of 8 Track Shack and institutions, may occur at any time – any and all changes and updates will be noted on this page as they occur.

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