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Sell 8-Track Shack™ your stuff
Sell 8-Track Shack™ your stuff
We are not currently buying. If you feel your collection deserves our attention and we should consider purchasing it, please call us at 814.328.2172 and we'll talk about it. buys vintage, out-of-print and even recent media. We buy in amounts ranging from one title to a whole collection or old-stock store inventories. The amount we pay depends greatly on format, quantity, and individuals titles and genre.

We currently have around a quarter of a million titles in stock, in formats ranging from 78 rpm records to 8-tracks to laser discs.

Ways to sell us your inventory:

1. Send your collection to us in the mail. Once we receive your shipment of records, 8-tracks, films etc., we will go through them and send you a check for the amount that we are willing to pay. What you receive will depend on format of media, condition of the media, rarity and desirability, and genre.

Simply box up your items and mail them to us via USPS media mail, we only reimburse for media mail rates so if you ship via another method you will not be reimbursed for the difference. Package 8-Tracks and cassettes tightly in a box and no packaging should be needed. If sending a large collection use large boxes to limit the number being shipped. USPS has a weight limit of 70 lbs. so pack as many large 70 lb boxes as possible. We figure the shipping costs into the total amount paid for the collection, it's in your best interest to keep the shipping costs low. Be sure to include a note or card in EACH box containing your name, address, phone number or email, and a brief description of what you sent (ie. 100 8-track tapes). 

2. We can pickup your collection. For large collections we may opt to send our drivers out to pick it up on the east coast (or farther for larger collections). We must consider the costs of retrieving your collection in the total amount we are willing to pay. In all cases of pickup, the 8-Track-Shack™ will need an honest, detailed description of your inventory and possibly photos prior to arranging pickup. We also ask that you give us a price that you would like to have for your items and an agreement as to that price prior to arranging pickup – when we go on the road for pickups (or send drivers to pickup) our purpose is to purchase and haul, not appraise your collection or inventory.

Determiners of prices paid by 8-Track-Shack™:

1. Condition – Records in less than very good (VG) condition are of virtually no value to us. Our lifetime guarantee mandates that we only sell items in very good to mint condition, both to satisfy our customers and to prevent excessive warranty claims, therefore, condition is the prime factor in determining what we pay. You may send us items in less than VG condition but we will not offer payment for them. This includes tapes without liner notes, 8 track tapes without labels or damaged labels, or records with good covers and scratched vinyl.

2. Cleanliness – Ideally we would like to purchase only sealed media, however 99% of media has been opened and used. We thoroughly clean every 8-track that goes into online inventory – a time consuming process. The cleaner your tapes, the more we will pay. The same goes for records and other media. We usually do not purchase collections that show signs of mold, mildew, or water damage of any kind.

3. Format – We pay much different prices for collections depending on the type of media. There are some items we pay very little for and for which you should not expect to get high prices from anyone. These include player piano rolls, common Atari games, cassette tapes, obsolete video formats (ie. Beta, CED, videodiscs) etc. The items we will pay more for include antique formats such as cylinder records and Diamond Discs. Prices we pay for records, 8-tracks and other video games fall somewhere in the middle, depending on the other factors.

4. Rarity – We currently have around a quarter of a million titles in stock, in formats ranging from 78 rpm records to 8-tracks to laser discs, and our inventory grows on a weekly basis. We love to find rare items, but they are few and far between. Most music originally was purchased because it was popular, and sold by the hundreds of thousands. We do pay more for rare and desirable items when we are presented with ones that are truly rare and desirable.

5. Genre – We buy media in any and all genres from current back through the 1800’s. The price we pay for gospel records will most likely differ greatly from that which we pay for blues records or classic rock records. The prices we ask and pay for items depends on market desirability.

6. Artist – We buy media from any and all artists. The artist is one of the lesser factors that determine the price we will pay, because most collections have many different artists included. An artist’s high mainstream popularity does not equate to high value. Only a few Elvis records are worth much of anything. Currently there may be as many as 1.5 billion Elvis Presley albums in circulation, and the number continues to grow while his fan base continues to shrink. We do not offer payment for bootleg  tapes unless the artist is so rare one can only find it on bootleg. We also do not offer payment on "home" recorded 8 track tapes and open/recorded blanks but will accept them as part of a lot, so toss those in with your shipment.

7. Proximity - The location of the items for sale and the costs of obtaining those items will figure into how much we will pay for an item or collection. Shipping or pickup has its own associated costs, these costs will ultimately factor into any price offered.

8. Quantity - The number of items in your collection no matter how big or small will also figure into the price we are willing to pay. We must figure associated storage costs and transport fees for large collections.

What we buy:

8-track tapes

4-track tapes

Cassette tapes

Vinyl Records (16, 33, 45, and yes, we do buy 78 rpm records)

Cylinder records Diamond Disc records

Compact Discs Reel to reel tapes

Films (8 & 16 mm, VHS, Betamax, Laser Disc, CED)

Video games

We also buy all players and machines that will play the previously mentioned media, as well as vintage and antique radios and tube radios.


NOTE: We will not appraise your collection or individual item. We will offer a price when asked, however, this is not to be considered an appraisal in any way. It is best to have a price in mind when offering your item or collection for sale to us. If  you are shipping a collection to us for purchase, you must be willing to accept our payment in full for the collection. We cannot return collections we receive. Please look for your payment to arrive in the mail 14-21 days after we've received your collection. We receive numerous collections every week, we inspect every item, this does take some time.

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