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Media Transfers » Transfer Cassette Tape » Transfer Your Cassette Tape to mp3

Transfer Your Cassette Tape to mp3


Department: Transfer Cassette Tape

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Transfer Your Cassette Tape to mp3

DESCRIPTION: Transfer your favorite music from Cassette Tape to mp3. You can now have your original Cassette Tape transferred to mp3 as easily as dropping it in your mailbox. Let 8 Track Shack's duplication technicians do the hard work for you.

How a transfer from one format to another works:

  • Check out with your current transfer media in the updated format you'd like.
  • Drop your original media in the mail and ship it to 8 Track Shack. Our address is available on the emailed receipt of your purchase.
  • Once your media is received it will be checked for defects. If you are aware of defects prior to ordering please click here to add the repair service to your order >>> Cassette Tape Repair Service.
  • The tape is professionally serviced to get the best quality recording.
  • The tape is digitally cut into the individual songs and filtered for any recording artifacts.
  • The individual music files from the tape are then transferred to mp3 tracks on a CD.
  • A generic label is applied to the CD with the album name and playlist.
  • The mp3 CD will be shipped in a recycled cardboard sleeve along with your original media.

Additional information concerning media duplication and transfer to mp3 can be found here >>> Cassette Tape Transfer FAQ's.

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