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Radio Buyers Guide

Radio Buyer's Guide Overview:

This is an additional resource concerning 8 Track Shack inventory that includes tube radios, transistor and vintage radios, all tape and record players as well as vintage televisions and any other products that "linked" you to this page via the item description. Basically the info on this page is valid for any radio type item that has a link to this page at the end of the description. Additions and exceptions to the info found here will be found within the individual item descriptions themselves - if applicable.

8 Track Shack Radio / Player Guarantee

Radio Guarantee: All tube, transistor and vintage radios in 8 Track Shack inventory are guaranteed to arrive as described and/or pictured. If a radio is not as described or pictured, please contact us within a week of receiving radio and we will remedy the situation with a replacement and/or refund. If you receive a radio that is as described, but are not satisfied with, you may return the radio for store credit at any time...ever! In such cases, buyer will be responsible for return shipping costs as well as actual shipping cost of replacement.

Record / Tape Player Guarantee: Same as radio guarantee above (See below for car player guarantee).

Car Player Guarantee: The 8 Track Shack does not currently have an electronic technician on staff. We do not test, repair, restore, etc. car players. Car players are the closest thing to "as-is" that we deal with. We do guarantee car players for replacement forever, but buyers are responsible for return shipping and actual shipping cost of replacement.

General Condition Notes

Tube & Transistor Radios: 8 Track Shack acquires inventory from a wide array of sources from all over the country and to a lesser extent, internationally. Some of these sources include buying out collections, estate settlements, purchases & trades from customers etc. We then basically clean the radios to some degree if needed, photograph the radio and add it to our online inventory. Therefore, all radios in our inventory are in "as-found" condition. 8 Track Shack does not employ any technicians or restorers at this time. Any repairs, restorations, mods, refurbs etc., that appear on radios in our inventory were done by previous owners.

8 Track Shack makes every effort to accurately and completely describe any and all issues, damage, and wear of all of our radio inventory. We also take extensive detailed photographs of our products so that our customers can see the actual item for sale. Before purchasing any radio from 8 Track Shack, PLEASE read entire description and look at all photos, just as you would thoroughly inspect a radio at your local antique store.

Tips for Buying Radios

8 Track Shack is an independent online dealer of all products shown on www.8-track-shack.com. All radios shown on the site are currently in stock and ready for shipment from our warehouse. Here are a few tips to assure that you are happy with your 8 Track Shack transaction or radio purchase.

Read: If there's wear, we describe it. If there's damage, we mention it. If we notice missing components, we say so. Reading the radio descriptions will give you a better idea than just looking at a picture.

Look: We provide multiple photographs of each radio. Inspect all photos, as they are part of the description. Take advantage of one of the advantages of online shopping at the 8 Track Shack - lots of clear detailed pictures.

Ask: The 8 Track Shack provides our phone number, live chat support, and help via email. Please take advantage of any of these methods if you have any questions concerning a radio purchase. Our representatives are more than willing to help, and our office is staffed an average of 20 hours per day.

Parting Out Radios: We often get requests to "part out" certain pieces from the radios listed in our online inventory. We welcome such requests, and requests are dealt with on a per radio basis. Some radios, obviously, we will be unwilling to use for salvage. Please contact us with any questions or requests.

Console / Special Request Payment: Payment on consoles and special requests (such as parting-out a radio) must be made prior packaging. Consoles shipping is billed at $150 per radio during checkout with refund given or additional shipping charged after radio is packaged. Part-out request purchases and associated shipping will be invoiced via email. A representative will contact buyer prior to special invoice.


Radios are professionally packaged and insured against postal damage. We ship via USPS for small radios and most table units. Console and floor model radios will ship via UPS, UPS Freight or via Greyhound Package Express.

Shipping Consoles: Often times shipping costs for floor model radios can be greatly reduced if shipped via Greyhound Package Express. This option requires buyer to pick radio up at the nearest Greyhound bus station. We will contact any console buyer concerning this option prior to shipment. Shipping on large console radios is $150 during checkout. Shipping costs may exceed this amount, in which case 8 Track Shack will contact buyer and invoice for additional amount. Should shipping be less than the charged amount, we will refund the difference.

Multiple Radio Purchases: Due to our "table rate" shipping calculator, shipping costs on multiple radios may appear significantly higher than actual shipping cost (this is especially true of multiple tube radio purchases). If you wish to purchase more than one radio and shipping cost during checkout is excessively high....you have two options. 1) Pay full amount of shipping. When we ship your order, we will combine radios if possible. We will then refund the difference between paid shipping price and actual shipping cost. ...or... 2) Contact us and we will give you a combined shipping quote. This quote will be an estimate, and may require additional payment if shipping costs are slightly higher when radios are packaged, or may result in a bit of a refund if our original quote was too high.

Console Radio / Victrola Pickup: We do offer pickup of large radios at our warehouse. In fact, we may be willing to negotiate a much lower selling price if you wish to pickup your purchase. Note: we do not have a storefront, pickup requests must be made and scheduled in advance.

Returns, Exchanges, Shipping Damage

Please contact 8 Track Shack PRIOR to returning any radio merchandise.

Exchanges: All radios purchased from 8 Track Shack may be exchanged for 8 Track Shack store credit at any time (buyer responsible for shipping costs). Please contact us for instructions prior to sending your merchandise back for an exchange.

Shipping Damage: Do not return damage merchandise. Contact us first for instructions.

We thank you for shopping at the 8 Track Shack. Check back often as we are always adding more inventory to our online catalog. We have hundreds of radios in stock and are always adding more to the site.


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