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Radios and Players » 8-Track Tape Players » Portable 8 Track Tape Players » Learjet L8J Portable 8 Track Player

Learjet L8J Portable 8 Track Player


Department: Portable 8 Track Tape Players

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Item Price: $700.00



Learjet L8J Portable 8 Track Player

DESCRIPTION: Insanely rare early late 1960's L8J model P-550 portable stereo 8 track player by Lear Jet Stereo Inc. that comes in original box. This two-piece 8 track cartridge player is in superb condition. This is one of the first 8 track players ever produced and it will not only play flat pack type Lear Jet 8-track cartridges, but all stereo 8 track tapes.

Player is in excellent condition, approaching near mint. There are no cracks, chips or other damage. There are no deep scuffs or scratches and only minimal signs of use. There are only a couple tiny spots of loss to the silver accents where the black case is showing through the silver paint. These are very small and virtually negligible. Player comes in original box which is in very nice condition as well, though it is missing the two long top flaps as pictured.

This Lear Jet 8-track player has knobs for volume control, tone and balance as well as a track selector button. Comes with AC power cord.

Important Information - Please Note:

The photos on this page are of the exact 8 track tape player that you will receive. After purchase, your player will be sent to the electronics department for a full cleaning inside and out by qualified electronics technicians each with more than two decades of experience. After a rigid inspection, it will also receive a full tune-up by qualified electronics technicians, each with more than two decades of experience. When you receive your player, it will sound as good as the day it was first purchased...guaranteed! This process will take from 7-14 days (more-or-less, give or take, depending on other recent order volume). You are not only purchasing a vintage 8-track player, but also a professional restoration of the electronics inside and a solid guarantee. This player is guaranteed for one year, to play like new. And this warranty can be extended indefinitely simply by purchasing $50 worth of any merchandise (music, electronics...etc.) from the 8-Track-Shack per year after the first year.

Exceptions to 8 track player warranty:

Water damage

Damage from dropping & other non-mechanical occurances

Damage caused by gummy rollers (check your tapes prior to insertion into player)

It is understandable that some individuals may wish to perform the tune-up and restoration themselves, or may just want the player to add to a collection or some other use. If that is the case, 8-Track-Shack will deduct $100 from the purchase price and ship immediately. If you would like to take advantage of this option, please purchase the player through our website, then call 8-Track-Shack customer service and one of our reps will refund you immediately for the difference. Keep in mind, if you choose this option, the player will be in no way guaranteed. It may have a variety of common problems that prevent it from playing well or at all, which may include:

Broken belt

Dried out belt

Non-working track selector lights

Non-working track selector button

Loose wiring

Dried / damaged roller

Damaged head

Non-working motor

Bad capstan

Mis-aligned head

Bad speaker(s)

Issues with built in radio (if applicable)

Issues with volume & other controls

Dirty & magnetized head

Dirty and/or gummy capstan

Virtually all players that have not been professionally tuned-up or restored will have several of the above problems, and are also likely to develop more without proper servicing. (ie. If you find a player - either somewhere else online, at an antique store or elsewhere offline - unless it has been professionally serviced, the player is almost assured to not function 100% properly and will undoubtedly develop more problems that will affect tape play and listening enjoyment and very likely will damage your tapes). Even if you find a player that is described as "working," it is unlikely that it will perform properly for long, if at all.

8-Track-Shack highly recommends not opting out of the professional servicing. Your ears and your tape collection will thank you.

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