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Radios and Players » 8-Track Tape Players » Car 8-Track Tape Players » NOS Realistic 12-1830 Under Dash FM Car Stereo 8 Track Tape Player

NOS Realistic 12-1830 Under Dash FM Car Stereo 8 Track Tape Player


Department: Car 8-Track Tape Players

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Item Price: $450.00



NOS Realistic 12-1830 Under Dash FM Car Stereo 8 Track Tape Player

DESCRIPTION: Brand new old stock Realistic under dash FM car stereo 8 track tape player in original box with manual, wires and mounting kit (not pictured). This player is still in the original plastic, with the original tape seal. Features of this player include: program repeat switch, tape fast forward, stereo/mono switch, FM radio, program switch. Negative ground.

Near mint condition with no damage and no wear whatsoever. The original box has some minor surface wear including some writing on the front by the previous owner and the end flaps on one end show damage.

Normally 8 Track Shack completely refurbishes 8 track players prior to shipment, however, being that this has never been used, no refurbishing will be done. If you would like 8 Track Shack to open the player (meaning it will no longer be sealed) to test the unit and replace belt if needed, please contact us after purchase for pricing details of this service, and be prepared to allow approximately one week until shipment.

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