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Transfer 8-Track, Record or Cassette Tape to CD or mp3
Media Transfers

Don't have an 8-Track Player, Cassette Player or a Record Player? Perhaps you do, but you just want to listen to your favorite music in your car or on your mp3 player. transfers 8-Track tapes, cassette tapes, 45 rpm records, 33 rpm lp records, and 78 rpm records to CD or mp3 digital format.

8-Track Shack™ can transfer your currently owned media library to CD or mp3. We can also Transfer products you purchase from the 8-Track Shack™ before we ship them to you.

You'll receive an exact copy of your current format or the media you are purchasing in either CD, mp3 or both formats. Recorded from your album with noise and crackle digitally filtered and track separation.

Media which is over 80 minutes in length will be transferred to multiple CD's due to limitations in CD length. Due to the imperfections in vintage media it is possible that we may be unable to fully remove all noise or crackle. If we are unable to clean the digital file to a satisfactory level we will not proceed with the transfer and you will be refunded in full. In some instances the remaining "noise" is acceptable and the transfer will take place.

Customers who will be sending your own media, please note the following:

If your current media is damaged in any way sound quality will be affected. We can repair 8-Track tapes for an additional charge before the transfer. If media is damaged to a degree which may damage our Recording equipment, the media will be returned to you with a full refund minus return shipping and no Transfer will be made.

Please inspect your media prior to sending it to us. If you have an 8-Track which is in need of replacement pads, please purchase the pads with your transfer, we'll replace the pads when the tape arrives, prior to Transfer. 

Our address is:

8-Track Shack™

11610 Richardsville Road   

Brookville, PA 15825


To order a transfer of your current media, please checkout with your selected transfer from our transfers department here. If you would like to purchase an 8-track, record or cassette and have it transferred, just choose the transfer option before adding the media to your cart.


Please allow 7-10 days for media transfers to CD or mp3 to be processed. This time may vary according to your place in the queue.

***Due to copyright laws, the original music, in its original format must be purchased or currently owned before the Transfer. We provide a Transfer service from one format to another for your own personal use. Each new CD or mp3 will be accompanied with the media you purchased in its original format or media you send for Transfer. We do not offer media downloads. mp3's will be shipped on CD with the original media as a full album is generally too large to send in an email. Any order for more than one copy to be created in the same format must be accompanied by proof of copyright and release of liability.

We do not guarantee that our transfers will play in older CD players which cannot play CD-R format CD's. Please be sure your player will play a CD-R format prior to placing your order. We do not accept returns on CD transfers as this is a service we are providing for your convenience. If your CD arrives and is found to be defective, we will replace the CD with the same if notified within 3 days of receipt of your order.

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