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  Music » Records » Edison Wax Cylinder Records » Edison Blue Amberol Cylinder Records » #3322 Premier Quartet: Huckleberry Finn

#3322 Premier Quartet: Huckleberry Finn

Item Category / Media Format: Edison Blue Amberol Cylinder Records
Music Genre: Vocal
Artist: Premier Quartet
Label: Edison
In Stock:
  1 Available
Item Price:




#3322 Premier Quartet: Huckleberry Finn


Edison Blue Amberol wax cylinder record #3322. This is a four minute record. It is in very good or better condition. Refer to photos for a more accurate representation of the condition. The cylinder comes with lid and box only if pictured, and lid/box will be matching only if noted.

Other condition notes: Cylinder has a few short splits on the bottom end that do not extend over shoulder, some minor chipping to plaster as pictured.


About the artist: The Premier Quartet

The American Quartet was a four-member vocal group that recorded for various companies in the United States between 1899 and 1925. The membership varied over the years, but the most famous line-up — comprising John Bieling (first tenor), Billy Murray (second tenor), Steve Porter (baritone), and William F. Hooley (bass) — recorded for the Victor Talking Machine Company from 1909 to 1913. The same group of singers also recorded for Edison Records as the Premier Quartet (or Quartette), and for that and other labels as the Premier American Quartet. From 1912 to 1914 the quartet also recorded with countertenor Will Oakland as the Heidelberg Quintet.

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8 Track Shack

  Music » Records » Edison Wax Cylinder Records » Edison Blue Amberol Cylinder Records » #3322 Premier Quartet: Huckleberry Finn