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Music » 8-Track Tapes » 8 Track Tape Repair Supplies » 8 Track Shack's 8 Track Tape Cartridge Cleaning Pad

8 Track Shack's 8 Track Tape Cartridge Cleaning Pad


Department: 8 Track Tape Repair Supplies

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8 Track Shack's 8 Track Tape Cartridge Cleaning Pad

DESCRIPTION: Have you ever wondered how 8 Track Shack gets the tapes we sell so clean? We use these great little scouring pads. They measure 2 5/8 x 4 inches. What makes them work better than other similar products like Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? The thickness. Our pads are only 3/8" thick. This allows you to get close to the label without rubbing the color away, and allows you to get into the nooks and crannies larger pads won't allow. Another benefit is that you can just trim the very tip of the pad off as it gets worn. Thicker pads can be trimmed as well, but you end up throwing a large portion of the pad away, just to keep the edge square and fresh for best performance.

Brand new. Sold by the piece.

Instructions for use: Just wet the pad and wring it out completely so that only dampness remains. Place pad flush on tape and scour...gentle pressure takes most scuffs, stains and dirt off the cartridge, for heavy stains and deeper scuffs and gouges, more pressure and more scouring may be required. Then just trim off the very end as it starts to get soiled and crushed, so that you have a squared off end to best prevent label damage. See our additional pics to see how well our pads work on a heavily scuffed and stained cartridge.

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