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Music » 8-Track Tapes » 8 Track Tape Repair Supplies » Ten 8 Track Tape Repair Foam Pressure Pads

Ten 8 Track Tape Repair Foam Pressure Pads


Department: 8 Track Tape Repair Supplies

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Ten 8 Track Tape Repair Foam Pressure Pads

DESCRIPTION: Repair and reconditioning an 8 Track Tape is easy with our 8 Track Tape replacement foam pads. Our replacement foam pads are the best on the market. Custom manufactured just for 8 Track Shack. Years of experience led us to design the perfect pad for refurbishing worn, gooey, brittle and powdered 8 Track Tape foam pressure pads.

Each foam 8 Track Tape repair pad measures approximately 1/4" x 3/8" x 2". These sturdy foam pads use just the right amount of pressure to keep the tape ribbon against the head of your 8 Track player. An adhesive bottom layer makes it easy to repair your own tape.

You will receive 10 foam pads per card.

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