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Radios and Players » Tube Radios » Bakelite Tube Radios » Vintage Zenith Model T724 Bakelite Case Portable Tube Radio

Vintage Zenith Model T724 Bakelite Case Portable Tube Radio


Department: Bakelite Tube Radios

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Item Price: $24.99



Vintage Zenith Model T724 Bakelite Case Portable Tube Radio

DESCRIPTION: This is a vintage Zenith model T724 Bakelite cased tube radio. The radio looks like it was submerged at some point, and the chassis is covered in a layer of dust. When tested, the radio did nothing and did not light up. Good for parts or repair.

Please refer to our Radio Buyer's Guide for more detailed info on this and other radios. Our Buyer's guide is a helpful way to better determine the condition of our radio inventory and should answer a lot of FAQ's.

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