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  8 Track Tape Cartridges » JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Early Flight


Item Category / Media Format: 8 Track Tape Cartridges
Music Genre: Rock and Roll Music
Artist: Jefferson Airplane
Label: Grunt
In Stock: 1 Available
Item Price: $12.99

Available Options:

8-Track Tape Cartridge Only

8-Track Tape & Transfer to CD +$20.00

8-Track Tape & Transfer to mp3 +$20.00

8-Track Tape & Transfer to CD & mp3 +$35.00






8-track tape cartridges carry the 8 Track Shack lifetime guarantee and are professionally tested and serviced prior to shipment. Your 8-track tape purchase is guaranteed to play to your satisfaction and pad replacement and sensing foil and/or splice replacement is included in pre-shipment servicing at no extra cost.

Images of the exact 8-track tape you will be receiving have been provided. Please refer to these images for the condition of the label and the song playlist.

8-Track-Shack.com can also transfer the music on this 8-track tape to a CD or mp3 for you. Just select which transfer you prefer from the available options and you will receive a digital copy on CD along with your 8-track tape.

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  8 Track Tape Cartridges » JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Early Flight