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A Drop in the Gray A Few Good Men A Few Good Men
A Split Second A Taste of Honey A Teens
A+ A-Ha A-Town Players
A-Town Players A.M.P. Halcyon Steel Orchestra A.R. Kane
Aaberg, Philip Aaliyah Aaron Greer Band
Aaron-Jeoffrey AB Logic Abadi, Marden
Abba Abbey Choir Abbey Road '78
Abbey Tavern Singers, The Abbot & Costello Abbott, Gregory
Abbott, Kenneth ABC Abdo, George
Abdul, Paula Abercrombie, John Abidin, Zainal
About 9 Times / About Nine Times Abraham & the Watchmen Band Abraham, Vader
Abraira, Pablo Abrams, Colonel Abramson, Ronney
Abreu, Sergio Abstrac' Abyssinians
AC/DC Academy Awards Orchestra, The Academy Film Orchestra
Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Acappella Acappella Company, The
Acapulco Marimbas Accademia di Santa Cecilia Accept
According to John Ace Ace Juice
Ace of Base Ace Spectrum Aceyalone
Ackerman, William Ackles, David Acoustic Alchemy
Action Swingers Active Ingredient Acuff, Roy
AD Adam Again Adam Ant
Adams, Bryan Adams, Dale Adams, Don
Adams, Johnny Adams, Oleta Adams, Richard
Adams, Stephen F. Adams, Steve Adams, Yolanda
Adcock, Eddie Addeo, Leo Adderley, Cannonball
Adderley, Nat Addrisi Brothers Ade, Ebiet G.
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Adeva Adiemus
Adkins Family Adkins, Mike Adkins, Trace
Adlam, Clare Adrenalin Adrenaline O.D.
Adventures, The Aebersold, Jamey Aeoliah
Aerosmith Afanassiev, Valery AFewGoodMen
Afghan Whigs African Children's Choir Afrika Bambaataa and Family
Afrique Afro Blues Quintet Afros, The
After 7 After Hours After the Fire
Aftershock Agajanian, Dennis Agawa, Yasuko
Agent Steel Agitpop Agnes Stone
Agnostic Front Agony Agony Column
Aguile, Luis Aguilera, Christina Ah-Kin
Ahlborn, Larry Ahmad Ahmed, Faiza
Aiken, Clay Aimee, Maude Air Supply
Airplay Airport Boys Airto
Airwaves Aizaga, Claudio Akins, Rhett
Akkerman, Jan Al B. Sure Al-D
Alabama Alabama Sacred Harp Convention Alain, Marie-Claire
Alamo, Tony Alan Caddy Orchestra Alan Parsons Project
Alarm, The Alba, Ric Albam, Manny
Alberghetti, Anna Maria Albert, Morris Alberts, Al
Albino, Johnny Albion Alborado / Alborada
Albright, Gerald Alcatrazz Alcohol Funnycar
Alcorn, Alvin Alda, Frances Aldeburgh Festival Orchestra
Aldrich, Ronnie Alese, Joe (Joe Alese Combo) Alesia, Frank
Alessi Brothers Alessi, Al Aleste
Alexander Brothers Alexander, Karen Alexander, Peter
Alexandra Alfa 8 Alford, Delton
Alfredo (Latin) Alfredo, Carlos Ali
Alias Alias (Rap) Alias (Rock)
Alice in Chains Alisha Alive and Kicking
All All In The Family All Saints
All Star Trio All-4-One Alla Scala Orchestra
Allan, Gary Allanson, Susie Allegro Orchestra
Allegro Theatre Orchestra Alleluia Worship Band Allen & Allen
Allen, A.A. Allen, Dave Allen, David (David's Midi Band)
Allen, Deborah Allen, Fred - (Comedian) Allen, Geri
Allen, Henry "Red" Allen, Jeffrey Allen, John
Allen, Ken Allen, Lee Allen, Michael
Allen, Peter Allen, Rex Allen, Rex Jr.
Allen, Richard Allen, Richard & Kirby Shelstad Allen, Ron
Allen, Rosalie Allen, Steve Allen, Woody
Alley Cats, The (Punk) Allies Allin, G.G.
Allison, George Allison, Mose Allison, Russ
Allman Brothers Band Allman Joys, The Allman, Duane
Allman, Gregg Allred, Bill Allsup, Tommy
Allure Almeida, Laurindo Almgren, John
Almond, Marc Alomar, Carlos Alpenglow
Alpert, Herb (& Tijuana Brass) Alpha Band, The Alpha Team
Alphaville Alpine Harmonaires Alpine, Stanley
Alquin Alston, Gerald Altered State
Altman, Jeff Aluani, Johnnie Alux Nuhaul
Alvarez, Pina Alves, David (& Marcy) Alvin, Dave
Alwyn Wall Band Amadeus Ensemble Amadeus Quartet
Amazing Rhythm Aces Ambassadors of Funk Ambassadors with Kathy, The
Ambassadors, The (Philly Soul Group) Ambel, Eric Amber
Ambersunshower Amboy Dukes Ambrose, Jen
Ambrosetti, Franco Ambrosetti, Vince Ambrosia
Ameling, Elly America American Boychoir
American Breed American Festival Orchestra / Chorus American Flyer
American Girls American Jazz Orchestra American Military Band
American Music Club American Orchestra, The American Orchestral Symphony
American Peddlers American Pick Hit Artists American Pops Orchestra
American Radio Orchestra American Republic Band American Soviet Youth Orchestra
American Symphony Orchestra American Tenors, The Americana Symphony, The
Amerson Brothers, The Ames Brothers Ames, Ed
Ames, Nancy AMG Amigos, The
Ammondt, Dr. Jukka Ammons, Gene Amorartis Chamber Choir
Amos & Andy Amos & Cookie Amos, Tori
Ampex International Classics Orchestra Ampex International Pop Orchestra Ampol-aires
Amps, The Amram, David Amsterdam National Symphony
An April March An Emotional Fish Ana
Anacrusis Anam Cara Anauo, Art & Marlie
Anchormen, The Ancient Future Anda, Geza
Andersen, Eric Anderson, Bill Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe
Anderson, Carl Anderson, Chris Anderson, John
Anderson, Jon Anderson, Kip Anderson, Laurie
Anderson, Leroy Anderson, Liz Anderson, Lynn
Anderson, Marian Anderson, Ray Anderson, Sharon
Anderson, Steven Anderson, Sunshine Anderson, Teresa
Andersson / Rice / Ulvaeus Andes Manta Andre, Maurice
Andrea True Connection Andreone, Leah Andrews Sisters, The
Andrews, Irene Andrews, Jessica Andrews, Joel
Andrews, Julie Andrews, Lee Andrus, Sherman
Angarola, Anisa Angel Angel Tree Children's Choir
Angelica Angelicum Orchestra Angelicum String Ensemble
Angelle, Lisa Angels, The Anger, Darol
Anievas, Agustin Animal Logic Animals
Animotion Anka, Paul Anna Marie
Anne Marie Annette Anointed
Another Bad Creation Another Carnival Another Day
Another Level Another Society Ant, Adam
Anthony & the Camp Anthony, David Anthony, Glen
Anthony, Harry Anthony, Leroy Anthony, Marc
Anthony, Ray Anthrax Antietam
Antigonish Legion Pipe Band, The Antoinette Anton, Susan
Antone Indian Family Antonevych, Yarko Anugama
Anvil Anything Box Anything Goes Band
Apache Apache Indian Apaka, Alfred
Apocrypha Apollo Apollo 100
Apollonia Apollos, The ApologetiX
Applause Apple & Appleberry Apple of My Eye
Apple, Fiona April Wine Aqua
Arabian Prince Arad, Atar Arc Angels
ARC Gospel Choir Arcade Arcadia
Archer, Con Archer, Frances Archer, Steve
Archer, Tasmin Archers, The Archies
Arcwelder Arden, Jann Arden, Toni
Area Code 615 Arena, Tina Arends, Carolyn
Argent Argerich, Martha Arkenstone, David
Armageddon Armand, Rene Armatrading, Joan
Armbrust Wesleyan Senior Choir Armed Forces Armik
Armored Saint Armstrong County Choraliers Armstrong Family, The
Armstrong, Dale (Pastor) Armstrong, Louis Armstrong, Vanessa Bell
Arndt, Felix Arnold, Billy Boy Arnold, Eddy
Arnold, Linda Arnowitt, Michael Arpeggio
Arrau, Claudio Arrell, Gregg Arrested Development
Arrington, Steve Arrow Arrowhead Praise Band, The
Arrows, The Arroyo, Martina Arsenal
Arsenault, Angele Arson Garden Art & Deanna
Art Ensemble of Chicago Art of Noise, The Artco Artists
Artful Dodger Arthur Pryor's Band Arthur, Hurley & Gottlieb
Artie the 1 Man Party Artifacts Artillery
Artistics, The Ascenders, The Ascott, George
Ash Ash, Daniel Ash, Glenn
Asha (Denis Quinn-Asha) Ashanti Ashbrook, Karen
Asher & Rodheaver Asher, James Ashford & Simpson
Ashkaru Ashkenasi, Shmuel Ashkenazy, Vladimir
Ashton, John Ashton, Susan Ashton, Tony
Ashworth, Ernie Asia Ask a Stranger
Asleep at the Wheel Aspen Singers Assembled Multitude, The
Associates Association, The Astaire, Fred
Astley, Jon Astley, Rick Ataris, The
Atkins String Company, The Atkins, Chet Atkins, Chet
Atkinson, Bob Atlanta Atlanta Connection
Atlanta Pops Orchestra Atlanta Rhythm Section Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Atlantic Dance Orchestra Atlantic Starr Atlantics
Atomic Rooster Attic of Love Attila
Atwood, Rudy Auclair, Michele Audi Badoo
Audience Audiovent Auger, Brian
August, Jan Aulos Ensemble, The Aurra
Aussie Bush Band Austin, Bryan Austin, Gene
Austin, Patti Austin, Sherrie Austin, Sil
Austrian Tonkunstler Orchestra Auteurs, The Authenticities
Autograf Autograph Automatix, The
Autry, Gene Avak, George Avalanche
Avalon Avalon, Frankie AVB
Average White Band (AWB) Aversion Avery, Albert
Avila, Bobby Ross Avolante Method, The Avsenik, Bratov
Awakening, The Ax, Emanuel Axe
Axiom Axton, Hoyt Axton, Hoyt
Ayala, Bob Ayala, Ramon Ayers, Roy
Ayler, Albert Ayres, Mitchell AZ
Az Yet Azar, Steve Azcarraga, Lucho
Aznavour, Charles Aztec Camera Aztec Two-Step
Azteca Azuma Azymuth

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