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N Phase

N'Dour, Youssou





Nabors, Jim

Nadien, David


Nagra, Steve

Nagy, Oscar

Nails, The


Nakai, R. Carlos

Naked Eyes

Naked Prey

Naked Sun

Nanes, Richard

Napalm Death

Napodano, Alice & Abel

Napoleon XIV

Nappy Roots

Narcis & Eki

Narramore, Melodie


Nascimento, Milton

Nash, Bill

Nash, Graham

Nash, Johnny

Nashville 10 Expansion Singers

Nashville Brass

Nashville Children's Chorus

Nashville Christmas Orchestra

Nashville Convention, The

Nashville Country Jamboree

Nashville Country Jubilee

Nashville Country Singers

Nashville Country Strings

Nashville Explosion, The

Nashville Gospel Singers

Nashville Guitars

Nashville Harmonica, The

Nashville Music Row Band

Nashville Pianos

Nashville Rhythm Section

Nashville Sax

Nashville Scene, The

Nashville Six, The

Nashville String Band

Nashville Strings

Nashville Superpickers, The

Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Nashville Teens, The

Nashville Truckin' Singers

Nasty Habits

Nasty Savage


Nathan, Jack

Nationaires, The

National Baptist Convention Mass Choir

National Guard Fife & Drum Corps

National Lampoon

National Opera of Sofia Orchestra & Chorus

National Opera Orchestra

National Orchestra of the O.R.T.F.

National Philharmonic Brass of London

National Philharmonic Orch. of London

National Philharmonic Orchestra

National Promenade Band

National Singers and Orchestra

National Symphony Orchestra

National Velvet

Nationalen Philharmonie Warschau

Native Flute Ensemble

Native Son

Native Steel Drum Band, The

Natural Four, The

Natural Gas

Natural Selection

Nature's Divine

Naughton, David

Naughty By Nature

Navaira, Emilio

Naval Academy Chapel Choir

Naylor, Ed

Naylor, Jerry



Nazz, The

NBC Symphony Orchestra

NdegeOcello, Me'Shell

Neal Hefti Quintet

Neal, Abbie & Her Ranch Girls

Neal, Kenny

Neal, Pamela

Neapolitan Trio

Near, Holly

Neats, The

Ned Nash Orchestra

Ned, Nelson

Neeley, Ted

Neff, Pat

Neffs, The

Negative Approach

Neger, Ernst

Neighborhood, The

Neighborhoods, The

Neil, Vince



Nelms, Johnny

Nelon, Rex

Nelons, The


Nelson, Bill

Nelson, Erick

Nelson, Larry

Nelson, Marc

Nelson, Oliver

Nelson, Ozzie

Nelson, Ricky

Nelson, Sandy

Nelson, Shara

Nelson, Tommy

Nelson, Tracy

Nelson, Willie

Nemes, Gene


Neneh Cherry

Neon Cactus

Neon Judgement, The

Neon Nights, The

Neon Philharmonic, The

Nero, Peter

Nesbitt, Jim

Nesmith, Michael

Ness, Marilla

Nethen, Carol

Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra

Netherton, Tom

Neuwirth, Bob

Nevada Beach

Nevel, Julie


Neves, Paul

Nevil, Robbie

Neville Brothers

Neville, Aaron

Neville, Ivan

Nevins, Al

Nevins, Tara

New Alborada

New Allegros, The

New American String Ensemble

New Bach Collegium Musicum

New Birth, The

New Black Eagle Jazz Band. The

New Born

New Cactus Band

New Christy Minstrels

New Colony Six

New Creations Quartet

New Creations Singers, The

New Dawn Singers

New Directions, The

New Dylans, The

New Edition

New Encounter, The

New England

New England Children's Chorus & Orch.

New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble

New Gaither Vocal Band

New Grass Revival

New Ground

New Hawaiian Band

New Horizon

New Irish Chamber Orchestra

New Islanders, The

New Jersey Mass Choir

New Jerusalem Young Adult Choir

New Journey

New Kids on the Block

New Life

New Life Community Choir, The

New Life Interdenominational Choir, The

New London Chorale, The

New Marketts, The

New Model Army

New Order

New Philharmonia Orchestra

New Philharmonic Orchestra

New Radicals, The

New Riders of the Purple Sage

New River Boys, The

New Seekers, The

New Sousa Band, The

New Southern Ramblers

New Symphony of Dublin, The

New Symphony Orchestra of London

New Symphony Society

New Tradition, The

New Vaudeville Band

New World Symphony Orchestra

New York Ballet Orchestra

New York Choral Society

New York City

New York City Band

New York City Breakers

New York Community Choir

New York Composers Orchestra

New York Concert Orchestra

New York Dolls

New York Jazz Quartet

New York Military Band

New York Philharmonic

New York Pops

New York Rock & Roll Ensemble

New York Staff Band

New York Super Stars

New York Theater Orchestra

New York Voices

New Yorkers, The

Newark Balkan Chorus, The

Newberry, Jeffery

Newborn, Phineas Jr.

Newbury, Mickey

Newfangled Musicians

Newhall, Jeanne

Newhart, Bob

Newley, Anthony

Newman & Oltman Guitar Duo

Newman, Alfred

Newman, Anthony

Newman, David

Newman, Jimmy C

Newman, Randy

Newman, Thomas

Newport, Russell



Newton Wayland Denver Symphony Pops

Newton, Juice

Newton, Wayne

Newton-John, Olivia


Nicastro, Michelle

Nice & Smooth

Nice, The

Nichol, Jean

Nicholas, Bobby

Nicholas, Paul

Nichols, Bobby

Nichols, Joe Paul

Nichols, Lee

Nichols, Sam

Nichols, Turner

Nick Straker Band, The


Nicks, Stevie

Nicky's Dixieland Jazz Band


Nicole Grahame Singers, The

Nielsen Pearson Band, The

Nielson, Stephen

Nieves, Tito


Night & Day Orchestra

Night Ark

Night Kills the Day

Night Raiders

Night Ranger

Nighthawks, The


Nightingale, Earl

Nightingale, Maxine

Nightlife Unlimited

Nights, The

Nigrini, Ron




Nile, Willie

Nilsen, John


Nimoy, Leonard

Nine Days

Nine Inch Nails

Nine Parts Water


Ninety & Nine, The



Nisht Geferlach Klezmer Band, The



Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Dirt Band)

Nitzer Ebb


Nixon, Nick

Nixons, The

No Doubt

No Fish On Friday

No For An Answer

No Hay 5o. Malo

No Mercy

No Shame


Noble, Bob

Nobles, Cliff (& Co.)

Nobody's Children


Noche Los Tres




Noguez, Jacky



Nolan, Kenny

Nolans, The

Nolen, Gabbie




Noonan, Paddy

Noonan, Steve

Nord Deutsches Symphonie

Nordenstam, Stina

Nordeutscher Rundfunk Orchester

Nordeutsches Philharmonie

Noris, Gunter

Norma Jean

Normaltown Flyers

Norman Luboff Choir

Norman, Don

Norman, Jane

Norman, Jessye

Norman, Larry

North German Radio Chorus, The

North German Symphony

North Pole Strings

North Star Jazz Ensemble, The

North Wales Provincial Choir

North, Manson

Northern Light

Northern Lights

Northern Pikes, The

Northern Star

Northlake String Band, The

Northland College Voyageurs, The

Norum, John

Norvo, Red

Norwood, Daron

Norwood, Dorothy

Not by Chance

Not Drowning, Waving



Notorious B.I.G.

Notre Dame Chapel Choir

Notre Dame Folk Group

Notre Dame Glee Club

Notting Hillbillies, The


Nova Baroque Ensemble

Nova, Aldo

Nova, Heather

Novaes, Guiomar

Novak & Shaka

Novak, Frank

Novak, Stanley

Novo Combo

Now Generation, The

Now Sound, The

Now, The

Nowell, Larry

Nowicki, Adam



Nu Beat

Nu Page

Nu Shooz

Nu Tornados

Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Valdez


Nugent, Ted

Numan, Gary

Number One

Nunez, Eduardo

Nunn, Bobby

Nunn, Perry

Nunnery, Stu

Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra

Nurnberg Symphony



Nutt, Don

Nutt, Grady

Nuttycombe, Craig

Nye Family Singers

Nylons, The

Nyman, Michael

Nyro, Laura

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