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C Company C+C Music Factory C-Murder
C-Tec C., Steven C.A.P.
C.I.A. Caballe, Montserrat Cabaret Voltaire
Cabbage Cabo Frio Cabrera, Ryan
Cacophony Cactus Cactus Brothers, The
Cactus Jim & The Wranglers Cadd, Brian Caddy, Alan
Cadet Marching Band / Chorus Cadillacs Cadmium Orange
Cado Belle Caesar, Shirley Cafferty, John
Cagle, Buddy Cain, Chris Cain, Jackie
Cain, Marie Caiola, Al Cake
Cal, Johnny Calcote, Gordon Caldwell, Bobby
Cale, J.J. Cale, John Caledonians, The
Caliente Disco California Earthquake, The California Poppy Pickers
California Raisins Call, The Callas, Maria
Callery, Bill Callier, Terry Calloway
Calloway, Cab Calo, Peter Calvary Chapel Worship Community
Calvary Choir, The Calvary Crusaders Calvary Four
Calvarymen Calvert, Eddie Calvert, Robert
Calypso Rose Calypso Steel-O-Rama Band Cam'Ron
Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra Camarata, Tutti Camaron, Charles
Cambridge Singers, The Camel Cameo
Camerata Academica Camerata Academica Del Mozarteum De Salzburgo Cameron, Doug
Cameron, G.C. Cameron, Rafael Camouflage
Camp, Shawn Camp, Steve Camp, Steve
Campbell & Burr Campbell, Alex Campbell, Archie
Campbell, Crystal Campbell, Debbie Campbell, Don
Campbell, Glen Campbell, John Campbell, Richard
Campbell, Stacy Dean Campbell, Tevin Camper Van Beethoven
Campos, Carlos Campos, Phil Canada Pops Orchestra
Canadian Brass Canadian Fiddlestix Candi
Candido Candle Candlebox
Candlemass Candyflip Candyland
Candyman Candymen, The Canibus
Canned Heat Cannon, Ace Cannon, Freddie
Cano Canova, Judy Canterbury Choir
Canterbury Choral Society Cantilena Canton Spirituals
Cantor, Eddie Cantrell, Jerry Cantrell, Lana
Cantrell, Whitey Capability Brown Capaldi, Jim
Capercaillie Capes of Good Hope, The Capitalaires
Capitol Regiment Band Capitol Steps, The Capitol Symphony Orchestra
Cappella Nova Cappella Pratensis Cappelli, Frank
Cappodonna Capps, Jimmy Capps, Joe
Capri Serenaders Captain & Tennille Captain Beefheart
Captain Beyond Captain Hollywood Project Captain Kangaroo
Captain Sensible Cara, Irene Caravan
Caravans, The Caravelles, The Caravelli
Caravelli Orchestra Carbaugh, Damaris Carbo, Gladys
Carcass Card, Michael Cardigans, The
Carey, Mariah Carey, Tony Carford, Corinda
Cargill, Henson Carl, Carolyn Carle, Frankie
Carlin, George Carlini Strings Carlisle, Belinda
Carlisle, Bill Carlisle, Bob Carlos y Jose
Carlos, Randy Carlos, Walter Carlson, Jerome
Carlson, Katrina Carlson, Mary Beth Carlson, Pete
Carlson, Rob Carlton Showband Carlton, Carl
Carlton, Larry Carlyle, Russ Carman
carmen Carmen Electra Carmen, Eric
Carmichael, Hoagy Carmichael, Ralph Carmin
Carn, Jean Carne, Jean Carne, Judy
Carnes, David Carnes, Kim Carol Singers, The
Caroleers Caroll, Melinda Caron, Don
Carpenter's Tools, The Carpenter's Union, The Carpenter, Mary Chapin
Carpenters Carpenters Union Carpetbaggers, The
Carr, Georgia Carr, Joe "Fingers" Carr, Vikki
Carrack, Paul Carradine, Keith Carreras, Jose
Carrere, Tia Carroll, Barbara Carroll, Bernadette
Carroll, Bruce Carroll, David Carroll, Liz
Carroll, Toni Carrollers Carruthers, Jim
Cars, The Carson, Jeff Carson, Johnny
Carson, Ken Carson, Lori Carson, Martha
Carson, Mary Carter Family Carter, Aaron
Carter, Benny Carter, Betty Carter, Bob
Carter, Carlene Carter, Clarence Carter, Deana
Carter, Gwen Carter, June Carter, Ken
Carter, Kim Carter, Maybelle Carter, Mel
Carter, Ralph Carter, Ron Carter, Wilf
Cartouche Cartwright, John Cartwright, Lionel
Caruso, Enrico Carver, Johnny Cary, Donna Marie
Cas / Cathy A. Trask Casadesus, Robert Casanova (Bob Gager & Ron Wright)
Casanova, Kenny Cascades, The Casciola, Gene
Case Case, Peter Case, Russ
Casey Casey, Kenneth Cash, Johnny
Cash, Kellye Cash, Rosanne Cash, Tommy
Cashman & West Cashman, Pistilli & West Cashmeres, The
Caspi, Matti Cass, Glenn Cassandra
Cassandra Complex, The Cassidy, Dan Cassidy, David
Cassidy, Nancy Cassidy, Shaun Castagnetta, Grace
Castaway Strings Castellanos, Mirla Castle, Ben
Castle, David Castle, Jo Ann Castle, Lee
Castlebay Castleman, Boomer Castro, Mercedes
Cat Cat Mother & the All Night News Boys Cate Brothers, The
Cates, Demo Cates, George Catfish Hodge
Cathedral Cathedral Choir, The Cathedral Quartet
Cathedrals, The Catherine Catherine Wheel
Catherine, Philip Cats in Boots Caudell, Lane
Cause & Effect Cavalcade Cavaliere, Felix
Cavaliers, The Cavallaro, Carmen Cavanaugh, Big Dave
Cave, Nick Cay, Robert Caymmi, Dori
CCS (Collective Consciousness Society) Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds Cecilio & Kapono
Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church Sanctuary Choir Cedarmont Kids Celebration Choir
Celebrity Orchestra Celestial Winds Celibate Rifles, The
Celtic Dawn Celtic Frost Celtic Woman
Centers, Roy Lee Central Park Presbyterian Sanctuary Choir Ceoltoiri
Cerebral Fix Cerebus Ceremony
Cerrone Cerrone, Angelo Cervenka, Exene
Cesar, Nilton Cetera, Peter Ch'uwa Yacu
Chacksfield, Frank Chad and Jeremy Chad Mitchell Trio
Chadbourne, Eugene Chafe, Winnie Chainsaw Kitten
Chairmen of the Board Chaisson, J.J. Chaisson, Lem
Chakachas Chalker, Curly Chalmers, Thomas
Cham / Baby Cham Chamber Ensemble of Wind Instruments Prague Chamber Harmony Ensemble of Prague
Chamber Orchestra of Europe Chamber Orchestra Of Lausanne Chamber Orchestra of Padua
Chamber Orchestra of the Saar Chamberlain, Nancy Chambers Brothers
Chambers, Danny Chambers, Gary Chambers, Paul
Chambers, The (Tom & Becki) Chameleons UK, The Champagne, Connie
Champaign Champion, Bob & Carol Champion, Eric
Champlin, Bill Chancel Choir or Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Chancellors Quartet, The
Chandler, Gene Chandler, Jon Chandler, Omar
Chang, Sarah Change Change of Heart
Changing Faces Changing Pace Band, The Changle, Johnny
Channel Live Channing, Carol Chanson
Chantells, The Chanticleer Chapdelaine, Michael
Chapel Keys / The Chapel Keys Quartet Chapelaires, The Chapeltime Quartet, The
Chapin, Harry Chapin, Tom Chaplain Ray
Chapman, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Gary Chapman, Marshall
Chapman, Morris Chapman, Philip Chapman, Steve & Annie
Chapman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Tracy Chappell, Jim
Charette, Rick Chariots, The Charlebois, Robert
Charlene Charles & Eddie Charles Randolph Grean Sounde
Charles, Lew Charles, Ray Charles, Raymond
Charleston City Allstars Charlie Charlie Daniels Band
Charo Chas & Dave Chase
Chase, Charlie Chase, Chevy Chastain, David T.
Chattanooga Disco Band Chattaway, Jay Chautauqua Chamber Singers
Chavez, Pepe Cheap Trick Cheatham, Doc
Checker, Chubby Cheech & Chong Cheeks, Judy
Cheers, The Chellows, The Chemical Brothers
Chemical People Chen, Jane Chenier, C.J.
Chenier, Clifton Cher Cherkassky, Shura
Cherney, Al Cherrelle Cherry People, The
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Cherry, Don Cherry, Eagle Eye
Cherry, Neneh Cheryl Lynn Cheshire Strings
Chesky, Larry Chesney, Kenny Chesnutt, Mark
Chester, Ilan Chestnut, Cyrus Chet Long Family
Chevalier, Maurice Chevelle CHI
Chi-Ali Chi-Lites Chianti, Luigi
Chibadura, John Chic Chicago
Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew, The Chicago Chamber Orchestra Chicago High Lights
Chicago Mass Choir Chicago Slovene Button Box Club Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Chick Chicken Shack Chico & His Orchestra
Chieftains Chiffons, The Child's Play
Child, Desmond Child, Jane Children's Bible Hour Choir, The
Children, The Children, The Childs, Andy
Childs, Billy Childs, Toni Chill Bola
Chilliwack Chills, The Chilly Tee
Chimes, The (Scottish R&B; Group) Chin, Colin China
China Crisis Chipmunks, The Chirchiglia, Rocky
Chmieleski Brothers Chocolate Milk Choice Four
Choir of Carmelite Priory (London) Choir of King's College, Cambridge Choir of Mount Angel Abbey
Choir of Saints Peter and Paul (Jamestown, NY) Choir of St. John's College Cambridge Choir of the Abbey of Mount Angel
Choir of the Little Church Around the Corner Choir of the Vienna Hofburgkapelle Choir Of The Vienna Hofburgkapelle
Choir of Trinity College Choir Of Worcester Cathedral Choirs Of Milan & Assisi Churches
Choral Ensemble of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis Choraleers, The Chordettes
Chords Chosen Few Chris & Diane
Chris and Cosey Chrisette Michele Christian Astronauts, The
Christian Brothers and Carolyn, The Christian Chapel Choir Christian Family, The
Christian Temple Trio (Judy. Larry & Darlene) Christian Troubadours, The Christian, Bobby
Christian, Chris Christianaires Christians, The
Christie, Angela Christie, Janice Christie, Lou
Christmas Christmas Bells & Brass Christmas Brass II
Christmas Ensemble, The Christmas Strings Christopher C.
Christopher, Paul Christy, June Christy, Lauren
Chromatica Chrome Molly Chromium
Chrystalaires Chubby Checker Chuck & Enid, Olson
Chuck Wagon Gang Chumbawamba Chunky A
Church of Rhythm Church, Charlotte Church, Claudia
Church, The Chyp-Notic Cialkoszewski, Don
Ciani, Suzanne Ciccolini, Aldo Cillan, Amormio Jr.
Cimbalo, Franco Cincinnati Pops Orchestra Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Cinderblock Cinderella Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra
Cinway, Charles Circle B Cowboys Circle Jerks
Circus of Power Cirque Du Soleil Cisum Group
Citico Creek Cities Service Band of America, The Citizen Cope
Citizen King City Boy City Center Band
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra / CBSO City Rangers Civisca, Michael
Claflin, Willy Claire Clancy Brothers
Clancy, Martha Clancy, O'Connell & Clancy Clannad
Clanton, Jimmy Clapton, Eric Clarion University Symphonic Band
Clark Sisters, The Clark, Buddy Clark, Dee
Clark, Doug (& the Hot Nuts) Clark, Gene Clark, Guy
Clark, Helen Clark, Mattie Moss Clark, Mildred
Clark, Paul Clark, Petula Clark, Robin
Clark, Roy Clark, Terri Clark, Terry
Clark, Tim Clark, Twinkie Clarke, Allan
Clarke, Gilby Clarke, Stanley Clarke, William
Clarks, The Clarkson, Kelly Clash, The
Class Addition Classics IV Classics, The
Classix Nouveaux Clave, King Clawson, Cynthia
Clay and Sally Clay D. Clay, Andrew Dice
Clay, Bob Clay, Tom Clayderman, Richard
Claypool, Philip Clayton, Merry Clayton, Stew & Marge
Clayton-Thomas, David Clean Living Clebanoff Strings, The
Clebanoff, Herman Cleftones, The Clegg, Douglas
Clegg, Johnny Clement, Tim Clements, Russel
Clements, Vassar Clemmons, Angela Clemons, Clarence
Cleobury, Stephen Cleveland Festival Orchestra Cleveland Orchestra, The
Cleveland Quartet Cleveland, Ashley Cleveland, James
Clevelanders, The Cliburn, Van Click Click
Cliff, Jimmy Clifford, Buzz Clifford, Dakota Sid
Clifford, Doug Clifford, Linda Climax
Climax Blues Band Climie Fisher Cline, Patsy
Clinton, George Clipse Clooney, Rosemary
Cloudland Blue Quartet Clouston, Al Clout
Clover Clovers, The Clower, Jerry
Club De Vingt Orchestra Club Nouveau Clubmen, The
Clutch Grabwell Clydesdale, David T. Coal Chamber
Coasters Cobb, Arnett Cobham, Billy
Coburns, The Cochereau, Pierre Cochran, Eddie
Cochran, Tammy Cochrane, Tom Cock Robin
Cockburn, Bruce Cocker, Joe Cocteau Twins
Code Red Coe, David Allan Coffey, Dennis & the Detroit Guitar Band
Coffey, Kellie Coffey, Lynn Michael Coffman, John C.
Cohen, Jen Cohen, Leonard Cohen, Myron
Cohn, Marc Coil Coko
cold Cold Blood Cold Chisel
Cold Slither Cold Steel Cold Sweat
Colder, Ben Coldplay Cole, BJ
Cole, Buddy Cole, Carol Cole, Cozy
Cole, Gardner Cole, Holly Cole, Ike
Cole, Jack Cole, Jerry Cole, Jim
Cole, Johnny Cole, Jude Cole, Lloyd
Cole, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Paula
Cole, Richie Cole, Tony Coleman, Allison
Coleman, Bill Coleman, Durell Coleman, Ornette
Coleman, Randy Coley, Daryl Collage
Collapsis Collective Soul College Boyz, The
Collegium Aureum Collette, Buddy Collie, Mark
Collier, Jim Collins and Harlan Collins, Albert
Collins, Arthur Collins, Bootsy Collins, Brian
Collins, Dave & Ansil Collins, Edwyn Collins, Judy
Collins, Mitzie Collins, Phil Collins, Tyler
Collins, Yoyo Collision Colon, Johnny
Colon, Willie Color Me Bad Colorado Mass Choir
Colter, Jessi Coltrane, Alice Coltrane, Chi
Coltrane, John Columbia Brass Ensemble Columbia Dance Orchestra
Columbia Musical Treasury Orchestra & Chorus Columbia Pictures Orchestra Columbia Social Orchestra
Columbia Symphony Orchestra Columbia Wind Ensemble Columbo, Russ
Colvin, Shawn Combo Royale Command All-Stars
Command Performance Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen Commissioned
Commitments, The Committed Commodores
Communards Community Orchestra of Milan Como, Perry
Compagnons, Les Compania Flamenca Alhama Company B
Company of Wolves Comparone, Elaine Compost
Compton Brothers, The Compton's Most Wanted Compton, Dennis
Comptons Righteous Comsat Angels / The C.S. Angels Comstock, Bobby
Con Funk Shun Concert Arts Orchestra Concert Masters of New York, The
Concertgebouw Orchestra Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam Concerto Amsterdam
Concord All Stars Concrete Blonde Concrete Jungle
Condon, Eddie Condor Pasa Conemaugh Valley Quartet
Coney Hatch Confederate Railroad Confessor
Confrey, Zez Congo Man Conlee, John
Conley, Arthur Conley, Earl Thomas Connell, Don
Connells, The Connelly, Chris Connick Jr., Harry
Connie Jones' Crescent City Jazz Band Conniff, Ray Connolly, Billy
Connor, Chris Connor, Jim Connor, Joanna
Connors, Frank Connors, Norman Connors, Stompin' Tom
Conquest of a Nation Conroy, Jeannie Consolers, The
Consort of Musicke, The Constitution Brass Quintet Contemporary Band Society
Contemporary Chamber Ensemble Conti Family, The Conti, Ivan
Continental Gospel Aires Continental Polka Orchestra Continental Singers
Continentals, The Contino, Dick Contraband (Metal)
Controllers, The Convicts Conway's Band
Conway, Tim Conwell, Tommy Cooder, Ry
Cook, Barbara Cook, Coy & the Senators Cook, Don
Cook, Gary Cook, Kenneth Cook, Lawrence
Cook, Roger Cook, Russell Cooke, Alistair
Cooke, Sam Cooker Cookie Crew
Cooley, Spade Coolidge, Rita Coolidge-Jones, Priscilla
Coolies, The Coolio Coombs, Frank
Cooper Brothers Band Cooper Family, The Cooper, Alice
Cooper, Michael Cooper, Roger Copacetic
Copas, Cowboy Copeland, Kenneth Copeland, Ruth
Copperhead Copus, Pamela & Randy Corbetta, Jerry
Corbin/Hanner Corbitt, Jerry Corea, Chick
Corey, Jill Corina Corio, Ann
Cormega Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Cornelius, Bruce
Cornell, Don Cornell, Ted Corner, Larry
Cornor, Randy Coro Rociero Corona
Coroner Coronet Studio Orchestra Corpus Christi Children's Choir
Corrales, Frank Corrales, Pilita Correll, Denny
Corries, The Corrosion of Conformity Corrs, The
Cortez, Dave "Baby" Coryell, Larry Cosby, Bill
Cosmic Psychos Cosmopolitan Strings, The Cossack, Don
Cossu, Scott Costa, Don Costa, Johnny
Costa, Nick Costandinos, Alec R. Costello, Elvis
Coster, Tom Cotter, Jeanne Cotton Mather
Cotton, Gene Cotton, James Cotton, Joseph
Cotton, Josie Cotton, King Cottonbud
Couchois Cougar, John Coulter, Clifford
Coulter, Phil Counce, Curtis Count Basie
Count Five Countdown Kids Countdown Mix Masters
Countdown Singers Counting Crows Country Church Gospel Singers, The
Country Conversion Country Gentleman, The Country Gentlemen, The
Country Ham Country Joe & the Fish Country Moog
Country Plus Country Ramblers, The Country Road
Country Spurs, The Countrymen 4 Coup, The
Couriers Couriers Quartet Courtney, Steven
Couturier, Ernst Albert Covay, Don Covenant Players
Coventry Chorale Singers Coventry Quartet Coventry Quartet
Cover Girls Coverdale, David Coverdale/Page
Covington, Warren Coward, Noel Cowboy
Cowboy Junkies Cowboys International Cowsills, The
Cox, Deborah Cox, Marion Coxon, Robert Haig
Coyote Oldman Cozier, Jimmy cozy cole
Crack the Sky Cracker Crackin'
Craddock, Billy Crash Craft, Keith Craig and Terry
Craig, Francis Cramer, Floyd Cramps, The
Cranberries Crandall Brothers, The Crane, Les
Cranes Crash Test Dummies Crawdaddys, The
Crawford / West Crawford, Beverly Crawford, Billy
Crawford, Craig Crawford, Hank Crawford, Jesse
Crawford, Michael Crawford, Randy Crawford, Robert
Crawler Crawshaw, Rev. Ian Cray, Robert
Crazy Fritz Crazy Hair and His Player Roll Piano Gang Crazy Horse
Crazy Otto Creach, Papa John Cream
Creative Source Creatures Creed
Creedence Clearwater Revival Creek, The Creeps, The
Creme D' Cocoa Crenshaw, Marshall Crescendos, The
Crescent City Rhythm and Jazz Band Crespo, Elvis Crests, The
Cretones Crew Cuts, The Crew X
Crewe, Bob Cricket Community Singers Cricketones, The
Crigger, Robert Lee Criminalz Crimson Glory
Crimson Tide Crisis (Metal) Criss, Gary
Criss, Sonny Critical Mass Cro-Mags
Croce, Jim Crocker, Frankie Croft, Joyce
Croisille, Nicole Cronham, Charles R. Cronos
Crosby, Bing Crosby, Bob Crosby, David
Crosby, Gary Crosby, Rob Crosby, Stills & Nash
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Cross Country Cross Rose Band
Cross, Christopher Cross, Mike Crosse, Clay
Crossfire Choir CrossRoads Quartet Crosswalk
Crouch, Andrae & the Disciples Crouch, Sandra Crow
Crow, Alvin Crow, Andrew Crow, Robin
Crow, Sheryl Crowbar Crowd Pleasers
Crowded House Crowe, J.D. Crowell, Rodney
Crowley, Mary Crown Heights Affair Crownsmen, The
Crucial Conflict Crucial Smith Crucified, The
Crudup, Arthur "Big Boy" Cruel Shoes Cruise, Julee
Cruisers, The Crunch-O-Matic Crusaders
Cruse Cruse Family, The Crush (Alternative)
Crush, Bobby Crutcher, Randy Crux
Cruz Trio, The Cruz, Celia Cruz, Edgar
Cruzados Cry of Love Cry Wolf
Cryan Shames Cryar, Morgan Cryin' Out Loud
Cryner, Bobbie Cryptic Slaughter Crystal Cathedral
Crystal Method, The Crystal Quartet, The crystal river
Crystal, Billy Cua, Rick Cuadro Flamenco
Cuba, Joe Cubanate Cuber, Ronnie
CUD Cuesta, Henry Cuevas, Chris
Cuff Links, The Cugat, Xavier Cult, The
Culture Culture Beat Culture Club
Culture Shock Culverwell, Andrew Cumberland Boys, The
Cumberland Gap Reunion Cummings, Burton Cunico, Gino
Cunningham, John Cunningham, Tim Cunts, The / The C*nts
Curb, Mike Cure, The Curfman, Shannon
Curiosity Killed the Cat Curless, Dick Current Events
Curry, Mark Curry, Paul Curtis, King
Curtis, Sonny Curtola, Bobby Cusco
Cushing, Bob Customaires Cutlass, Frankie
Cutting Crew Cyclone Temple Cycomotogoat
Cymande Cynics, The Cynthia
Cypress Hill Cyrkle, The Cyrus, Billy Ray
Czech Chamber Orchestra Czech Philharmonic Orchestra / Chorus Czerwinski, Vincent
Czerwone Gitary Cziffra, Gyorgy

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