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Y&T; Y?N-Vee Yager, Dexter
Yall So Stupid Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi Yamashita, Kazuhito
Yamashta, Stomu Yambu Yankee Grey
Yankovic, Frankie Yankovic, Weird Al Yanni
Yarbrough, Glenn Yardbirds, The Yarkoni, Yaffa
Yarrow, Peter Yates, Billy Yates, Billy
Yayo, Tony Yazoo / Yaz Yazz
Yazzolino, Terry Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Yeara, John
Yearwood, Trisha Yellin, Pete Yello
Yellow Magic Orchestra / YMO Yellowjackets Yellowman
Yepes, Narciso Yes Ying Yang Twins
YLD Yo-Yo Yoakam, Dwight
Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra Yonker, John & David York Winds
York, Betty Lou Yost, Dennis Yost, Kelly
You Are Here Younce, George Young & Restless
Young Americans, The Young Black Teenagers (YBT) Young D Boyz
Young Fresh Fellows Young Jessie Young Lovers, The
Young M.C. Young Men Four Young Rascals
Young Turk Young Voices of France, The Young, Cliff De
Young, Eve Young, Faron Young, Jesse Colin
Young, John Paul Young, Kathy Young, Kenny
Young, LaMonte Young, Lester Young, Neil
Young, Nero Young, Nonc Allie Young, Ovid
Young, Paul Young, Steve Young, Victor
Young-Holt Unlimited Youngblood, Sydney Youngbloods
Younger Bros. Younger, Lacy Younghearts, The
Yours Truly Youth Alive Youth of Today
Yukmouth Yuletide Choristers Yuletide Lounge Band
Yuro, Timi YZ

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