8 Track Shack Bargain Bin 45rpm Records

8 Track Shack has hundreds of thousand of vinyl records, including tens of thousands of 45rpm records. All of the 45’s that we list on our website grade at very good plus (VG+) or higher.

So, what do we do with the thousands upon thousands of 45’s that grade less than VG+? We put them in our 45rpm Bargain Bin Category.

As we sort through records to list, those that don’t grade at VG+ or better simply get listed with a stock photo, like the one at the left. We provide the artists’ names and song title as well as the label and catalog number of these records, but no image of the actual Bargain Bin record. And, we list them ALL for 99 cents each.

As a rule, we do not list any 45’s in the Bargain Bin that are cracked or have excessive warping or gouges that are bad enough that they look like they would cause the record not to play. We don’t play-test the bargain bin records, nor do we clean them.

45’s in the Bargain Bin are all listed for $.99 with $2.50 shipping each for the first four records with a $10 maximum shipping cost for domestic U.S. buyers, no matter how many records you buy, whether it is 4, 5 or 300.

What should you expect from a Bargain Bin 45 from 8 Track Shack?

Well, the main thing is that you can be sure it will grade less than VG+. The actual grade will be a mystery to you until you receive it. Many records in the “fair” or “good” grade range will play pretty well, some may play great. Since the 45’s in the Bargain Bin are less than a dollar, we do not guarantee them, as we do with other music. These records work well for budget jukebox filler or craft projects where you’re looking to find a particular artist or title on a budget.

What does it mean if you find a 45 with a high book price in the Bargain Bin?

The Bargain Bin does end up with some rarities now and then, though most are fairly common, just like any place you find records. If you find a 45 in the Bargain Bin that you feel is rare, you can check the artist, title, label and catalog number (appears at beginning of description) to see if the record is the exact one you’re looking for. Rather than trying to grade and appropriately price bunged up records, even rare ones, we just put them in the Bargain Bin for 99 cents.