8 Track Shack Customer Loyalty Discounts

      8 Track Shack is happy to announce that we’ve finally completed our Customer Loyalty Discounts program designed to give our regular customers lifetime savings off of all purchases made at www.8-Track-Shack.com! The program automatically gives discounts to all customers who have purchased at least $100 worth of products and/or services from 8 Track Shack. Refer to the chart below to see the amount of discount, and continue reading below to get all the details!

8 Track Shack Loyalty Discount

Now every purchase you make from 8 Track Shack counts towards discounts that never expire!

As a special thank you to all our customers over the years 8 Track Shack has implemented a customer loyalty discount that is integrated into 8 Track Shack’s online store. Anyone with an account that has purchased at least $100 worth of products or services from 8 Track Shack over the years is eligible for the discounts shown above….and not only are you eligible, the discounts are already in effect right now. When you go to place an order, your level of discount (along with how much you’ve spent lifetime) appears under your total and is deducted prior to charging your credit card! When you reach a new tier of purchases, your discount automatically increases to the next level.

The discount percentage applies to any order placed from 8 Track Shack, even to items that are already on sale! And the really great part for you is that the purchase total is good for life and is applied at full price, even if a product is already on sale. During the course of the year 8 Track Shack has numerous sales, and several times a year we have sales that are over 50% off, sometimes even more. If, for example, you purchase a quadraphonic 8 track tape that is regularly $100 during a 50% off sale, you will pay only $50, minus whatever discount you qualify for….BUT, you get credit towards your next level of discount for the whole $100. Remember, you can add items to your 8 Track Shack Wishlist for future reference or to take optimal advantage of your discount on days when the products that you are interested in go on sale.

OK, now the fine print…. Well, there really isn’t any. You just have to order the products/services online via 8 Track Shack’s website and pay by credit card or mail. About the only restrictions is that the order has to be placed online, phone orders are not eligible for loyalty discounts.

The program is currently live. Existing customers already have their purchase history counting towards their discount. New customers automatically get the discount when their purchase history hits $100. Your purchase history total never goes down, nor does the discount you will receive. All purchases made apply to your purchase history and the discount percentage automatically increases to the next level whenever your purchase history total reaches the next level.

This program requires no action in order to receive the discount once you’ve reached $100 in your purchase history, but should you have further questions about it, feel free to email or call us with any of your questions or concerns. Below is an example of how the discount appears in your shopping cart during the checkout process.