8-Track-Shack Products Around the Web

Many of our longtime customers know that 8 Track Shack has other outlets online that we utilize to advertise 8 track tapes and related products, others have discovered or possibly wondered. So we here at 8 Track Shack just wanted to clarify where you can find tapes online besides www.8-Track-Shack.com, that come with the same professional pre-shipment refurbishing, using the 8 Track Shack brand repair supplies and are covered by the 8 Track Shack guarantee.

8 Track Shack on eBay:

Over a decade ago, we began selling 8 tracks on eBay, along with other antiques and vintage collectibles. Soon after, we launched the 8 Track Shack website to better serve our customers and make the entire listing, inventory management and sales processes much more efficient. Last summer we reopened an eBay store with a limited number of tapes and our repair supplies. You can find these items in our 8 Track Shack eBay Store. The repair supplies we offer on eBay are the same ones offered on the 8 Track Shack website. The tapes, however, are different - though we may have some of the same titles, the individual tapes are different, and as 8 Track Shack, the picture you see is the picture of the actual tape you will receive.

8 Track Shack’s eBay inventory is pictured as-found. When a tape is purchased for $12.99 or more, we refurbish and guarantee the tape as at 8 Track Shack and clean the cartridge to remove scuffs. eBay purchases do NOT count towards 8 Track Shack customer loyalty discounts.

We currently have 2500+ tapes offered on eBay.

8 Track Shack on Amazon:

Years ago 8 Track Shack had a sister site that sold 8 tracks for a lot less (usually in the $2-3 range) that were sold as-is and the buyer could perform their own repairs. This site, 8-Track-Tapes…com, was not nearly as successful, as most of our customers want to get their tapes in the mail and play them, rather than spend hours cleaning and refurbishing them. So we closed the sister site down and rolled the 8 tracks into another sister site that is also under the Ruralogix Web Services umbrella, www.BlackMarketAntiques.com. Black Market Antiques has a product feed to Amazon. Any tape that is Black Market Antiques brand on Amazon and is being offered by Black Market Antiques also comes with 8 Track Shack’s professional pre-shipment refurbishing and 8 Track Shack brand supplies.

We currently have 10,000+ tapes on Amazon for sale, and like our eBay inventory, the tapes offered there are different tapes than at 8 Track Shack and the scans provided show the exact tape you will receive. Tapes bought on Amazon do not count towards your 8 Track Shack customer loyalty discounts.

8 Track Shack / 8track.co / 8-Track-Shack.com

As always, you can find the world’s largest selection of 8 tracks at www.8-Track-Shack.com or you can use our shortcut www.8track.co. 8 Track Shack currently has roughly 75,000 8-tracks in stock….in addition to another 100,000 or so albums on other formats, vinyl, CD, cassette, etc. This is the original 8 Track Shack, and tapes found at 8 Track Shack are guaranteed for life.

And finally for some clarification….

8 Track Shack is NOT Kates Track Shack:

Over a decade ago, when we first started selling 8 tracks online under the “8trackshack” eBay user ID the domain name 8trackshack..com did not exist. As we started to outgrow our eBay store, we decided to build our own ecommerce site specifically for 8 track tapes. In 2005 when we went to register the domain name, we found that someone had just recently registered it. So we went to the site and found that the person who had registered it was not using it, so we registered the domain name www.8-Track-Shack.com.

The person who registered it, we found out later on, was another eBay seller whose userID on eBay had nothing to do with 8 tracks and seemed to offer very few tapes for sale. Still later we discovered that this seller had their own simple list website where they were offering tapes for sale through the mail; this couple called their business “Kates Track Shack.”

Over the next ten years, we built 8 Track Shack into the world’s largest retailer of 8 track tapes, purchased a 10,000 square foot warehouse and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on website maintenance, marketing, wages, infrastructure and overhead…while amassing a horde of about a million albums - offering three times the selection of all of the sellers on eBay combined.

A couple of years ago “Kates Track Shack” activated their “8trackshack” domain, which up until then, had not been used, just registered. When they activated the domain, they put a redirect on the domain to their “Kates Track Shack” website and even went so far as to put “Kates 8 Track Shack” text in the center of their homepage, which previously had not been there. In fact, until recently “Kates” did not use the name “8 Track Shack” in any way, not on their site, not on their blog, etc.

In the 11 years since we launched 8 Track Shack, we’ve sold tens of thousands of 8 tracks and currently have over 75,000 tapes in stock with pictures of each tape at www.8-Track-Shack.com. “Kates Track Shack” currently has 621 tapes for sale on their website, none of them with pictures, in fact, other than the photo on their homepage with 8 tracks in the background, there are virtually no pictures of 8 track tapes on their site at all.

The point of this clarification is not to discourage anyone from buying from Kates Track Shack, but rather to let both, our customers and theirs, know that there is a difference.