Here’s Some Funny (and some not) 8 Track Tape Memes


Back in the day, twelve years ago when we launched 8 Track Shack, 8 track tapes had already been out of production for over twenty years. That was back in 2006, over a year before the iPhone was invented and four years before the onset of iPads and similar tablet computers….you know, back when EVERYONE had dial up internet service.

Over the past 12 years, we’ve tried to keep up with the every increasing speed at which technology and the internet has evolved, and tried to maintain some form of social media presence including a blog, Myspace, Google+, Facebook, etc…..all the while trying to increase our online inventory and fulfill orders.

And sometimes we don’t keep up as well as we would like to. For instance, a longtime customer called to place an order awhile back, and wondered whether our blog post with images of 8 track tapes with nudity on the labels was appropriate and whether children might stumble onto the post. I admit, I got a chuckle out of it. I have two boys (11 and 12 years old) who each have laptops, notebooks and an XboxOne as well as access to a dozen or so PC’s and company Blackberries here at 8 Track Shack. If they want to see boobies, surely they can find some online without having to resort to looking at nudity on a blog about 8 track tapes.

So the other night I was watching some TV and surfing on a tablet and I clicked on a link somewhere to our blog. It seems that our automatic blog software/server updates changed the way our blog posts are shown. So that when you paste a link to our blog into a message online, the thumbnail it shows was…..of boobies (on an 8 track label of course) and the page at the other end of the link showed the entire post of dozens of nude labels, all full size. So I figured I probably ought to post an article of some sort to our blog so that doesn’t happen.

So here’s a bunch of 8 track tape related memes and comics, some funny, some really stupid. Enjoy.